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I don't think my Mother fits into the Dementia or Alzhiemers catagory, but there is definately been a decline in her mental capabilities. She easily gets confused during conversations, forgets what happened at which house they have lived in. She sometimes forgets entire conversations within a few days. She is very jumpy with loud noises and is extremely negative about EVERYTHING. She is constantly looking out her window whenever a car or person goes by, or if she "hears something" She informs us of her use of the bathroom, and if she filled her water, or forgot it somewhere. It is getting increasingly difficult to carry on conversations with her. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on with her, or what we can do to help?
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How old is your mom? Mine is 71 and I see lots of coincidences with your story. My mom more angry with everything than friendly, she hates my husband and try to rule my kids, forgets everything she did last week and when I try to clear up something - immediately she has blood pressure or headache and so it is just impossible to find out anything not to make her being angry or suffering.
Hey there I just thought I would comment on these post strokes can cause loss of memory which vivid that sounds like her problem and also thyroid problems. Check it out with their dr.
Why, Why, Why would you not be taking her to her doctor??? Remember that whatever it is... including dementia or alzheimers, early diagnosis is KEY to getting the proper and the very best treatment! The earlier you establish a relationship with the doctor, and follow a program of medication and possibly other treatment, the better life will be for all concerned.
She is going to her doctor!! (did I say anywhere she wasn't seeing him??) At least 2x a month. He has "tested" her for alzheimers, but she seems to pass that oral test. What we are looking into is a geriatric assesment. I am sure she will only do it if my Father also does. Mom is now 69. She has not had any strokes. She is VERY resistant to the idea that anything is wrong with her. I am hoping the Assessment will work. Thanks for all your input!!
Everything Lorilocks mentions sound just like a symptom of dementia. These were the exact symptoms my father had and has. Only, I lived 1,200 miles away from him and didn't see him everyday, and knew nothing about dementia. After an MRI, the doctor discovered an old infarct (stroke), which is a contributor in dementia. I knew nothing about the symptoms until I went online one day an read page after page of information, and learned that yes, this was dementia. And let us not forget that the family members know the patient better than the doctors do. People with dementia are very good actors, and hide their deficiencies. My father hid his for years. If only I knew then, he could have started on the proper medications much sooner, and probably wouldn't have declined so quickly, and we might be enjoying our time together now, instead of my mourning him while he is still alive. So maybe a second opinion might even help, or an MRI. Good Luck and Hugs to you! Nauseated
Yeah! Which part of dementia don't you recognize?! That's an exact description of dementia! Hallucinations are not normal! Dear heart, get a proper diagnosis. Oral testing is not enough. Blood work, scans, etc. You and Mom need help immediately!!! Medications can cause it; Urinary Tract Infections, stroke (TIA's) smoking, alcohol use, and a multitude of other health conditions, even diet, etc. Remember there are many different types of dementia, and some you may not readily recognize. "Ostrich syndrome" (denial) no more; get a second medical opinion asap! They may not want your help, but sounds like Mom needs it. Be gracious, and just tell her you have "concerns..."
My father is still in denial, saying he is just fine. Yeah! That's why I am his Guardian/Conservator. I think my Dad's was caused by a lot of factors. Lack of proper diet, alcohol abuse, depression after Mom died, high cholesterol most certainly as well. So many things can cause it. Nauseated
He may be in denial, but you're not. Thank God he has you, sweetheart! Here's a hug. Give one to your Dad, too. Hope you have all have a blessed day.
I know something is up with Mom, which is why I am moving in with them, and why I am on this board. Once we can get her in for a comprehensive geriatric assessment I'm sure we will get some answers and be better prepared for the the proper course of action. This is all really just starting with Mom and has only gotten worse in the last year or so, I am only now seeing the whole picture and just starting to get my ducks in a row. Thank you all for your replies!
Dear Lori, we pray for you in the days ahead. God be with you all.

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