An Open Letter to the makers of Depends.

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I have seen the commercials for Adult Incontinence products, you know, the ones with The Sixties Music in the back ground, the swaying hips, the winking eyes...The "I still have it" stance...Beh...Yes, I know, in advertising the process of making the public wish to be associated with your product and feel good about purchasing it is the goal.... But For GOD'S Sake PLEASE stop trying to make incontinence sexy!!! I mean EWWWW!!!!
Outside of a Water Sports meeting at the proverbial "All Things SEXUAL Convention" there really is nothing SEXY about pissing your own drawers and sitting in your own feces...Just Keep it Medical, not Social!!! Please!!!
If there ever there was a product people wanted shipped in "discrete brown wrapper" This Is It!


aint that the truth!! I have seen my hubby sway and wink but its because he cant stand and walk right any more. the depends now come in grey and also prints?? for what? for who? peeing and pooping in your pants and then take them off to have sex with someone? I dont think so!! get real, put them on poop pee in them take them off throw them in the trash bag ohhhhhh so SEXY....oh I feel so aroused!!
ha ha ha la la la Ain't it the truth!
OMG! What are they thinking?
a skit on saturday night live they called them "oops, i crapped my pants" o.O
LOL...I have thought the same thing about those commercials..."yeah baby, I want to cuddle with you"....ewwwww.....give me a break! The only thing I think of when I see "depends" or even hear the phrase, "that depends" is my mother screaming because I want to change and wipe her. I am accused of trying to kill her...when's it going to end....I guess that depends! LOL Have a great day is Labor Day but we all know that dementia takes no holiday.
I mean really!!!

You have health and activity issues and you want to be discrete.... but flirting in yer pee pants come on, please stop!
When someone asks me how my job is going, I love to answer "Depends." That's because I am, in fact, hilarious to myself. Yeah - nothin' sexy about these things HOWEVER - I will say that some tend to allow the person to wear more normal clothing than others. I think Tena is great. They show women in a Yoga class, etc, and not sexy mamas dancing. but the underwear feel really soft and siky (I haven't worn them, tho) Had a client yesterday tell me I was putting hers on backwards. She showed me the thick lining and said "This is for your butt". (She has Dementia) I said "Well, the little blue stripes are at the back, as I believe they should be, but if they feel wrong when you stand up, we'll switch 'em. Memory being what it isn't, for her, she never thought of it again... So how was HER day? Depends...

I am sure I will be wearing them soon...I am 40 and incontinence really has been a life long thing it seems like part of life now.may as well suck it up eh....Kegels are not doing it here!
Sexier than "hash marks". HA!
Anyone watch Greys Anatomy? I used to . . .anyway there was a hilarious segment where the lady doctors had tro be in an 18 hour surgery, so they donned diapers so they could get through it - those skinny little women went swishing down the hall in their scrubs with their big puffy butts. It was priceless.
I saw that too! That was funny!

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