Living with Incontinence.

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At the point where I now have to wake Mom up 3 to 4 hours after she goes to bed, to change her. She has Parkinsons and has no sensation of having to go, and sometimes doesn't even know she is going when on the toilet. She always says she doesn,t have to go or she just went, hours after the last time she did! I never knew how much a bladder could hold! Then there is the occasional bowel incontinence. I've thrown away many pairs of underwear. Just couldn't bring myself to clean them.
Dave, not sure if this is what you were looking to hear, but I do understand why you call yourself diaperdave!
Thanks for your comment. I too have no indication when I have to go until too late. My first indication is when it is spreading out in my diapers. Wearing diapers is the only way I can functin fairly normal. I only wish that their was a way that I could get some help with the cost of replacing worn out diapers., as to I have found that wearing adult cloth diapers and doing our own laundry has saved a lot of money.

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