My mom does not have life insurance.

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My mom does not have life insurance . Not sure where to look. I've talked to some but wasn't sure. I really need insurance for my mother. If something was to happen not sure what I will do at a last min thing. Not to mention my mom doesn't want insurance and she doesn't understand how important it is for her. We talked about it last year sometime she don't get it. I may try again and have a talk with her once I find someone to talk to.


Hi Tammy. I'm a life insurance agent with the Mutual of Omaha. What state do you live in? Perhaps, I may be of service to you.
Hi Tammy. I'm a life insurance agent with the Mutual of Omaha. What state do you live in? Perhaps, I may be of service to you.
Tammy, why do you think your mom needs life insurance? Does she have income that is supporting someone else that would need to be replaced when she dies?
I have the same question as OnlyDau64. Why does she need life insurance? At this point might the money be better spent on pre-paid funeral expenses, or long-term care insurance? Life Insurance will not benefit your mother at all -- it is for the sake of her dependents. Who is dependent on her now, financially?

If you are just worried about handling last-minute expenses like the funeral, talk to her about a specific policy for that. Many elders are concerned about who is going to pay for their funerals or creamations and memorial services. It might be reassuring to her to have that taken care of.
I agree - all you need is something to cover 'final expenses.' Your mother will pay DEARLY for life insurance as an older person - life insurance (especially TERM life insurance) is well suited for younger folks with mortgages and children to raise and educate. I would just help her make her final decisions (regular funeral or cremation) and set money aside for that or if she has the funds, prepay - but make sure it is a reputable company that will not be 'out of business tomorrow' taking your mother's money with it.
I agree getting life insurance at her age would be very expensive but she should be conserned about her final expenses and prepay her funeral-ask her what she has done about that or is she just expecting someone else to do this even cremation is very expensive these days and she should not expect her children to foot that bill-she needs to take responsibilty for this herself-many elders do not they just expect someone else to do everything for them.
We are considering getting additional insurance on my mother in law to recoup our out of pocket expenses/ cost of her being in an assisted living facility. It's not easy trying to figure out what to do. Prayers that you are guided to the right decision
Have you tried running some numbers on life insurance quotes? A longer term life policy may work for you, but longer terms means more expensive premiums. If you're not able to qualify for the best rates because of your heart condition, this can affect how affordable your policy finally becomes. Try using more than one aggregator website to get quotes to get a second opinion and a broader look at what's really out there.

Tammy, a $5k or $10K Final Expense policy should be all your mom would need in order to make sure that she won't be a burden on you. $50 per month is the average cost and most seniors can qualify without a medical exam.
Many people don’t understand the importance of life insurance. Life Insurance will benefit you at all .it is for the sake of your dependents. Problem is life insurance would be costly for an aged person. So go through various life insurance quotes.

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