Lets talk Medicaid/MediCal in California. In Orange County, CA.

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Sis has vascular dementia, along with knee surgery late last year, anesthesia, etc. She never regained the ability to take meds from her pill box which I filled weekly so IL became AL + $450./mo increase. She has MediCal which her facility doesn't accept, and the very few mediCal facilities in the OC only accept "direct admissions from hospital." I had no idea she would regress after her knee surgery. MediCal is essentially out of money and the rare places (small homes) that do accept MediCal are so disgusting that they should be outlawed. MediCal is useless in OC.


con't- sorry! sis had surgery, anesthesia, rehab, etc (3 weeks away from IL). Could't take her meds so became AL + $450 more. MediCal in OC is out of money and essentially useless to MediCal recipients, a fact that is never discussed by referral people. "APPLY FOR MediCal." LOL !!!!!!
Have you looked outside OC to SD county or inland? I was researching this for my mother who has Alzheimer's but lives in OC. I've yet to find anyone who can tell me what happens in OC when somebody without money needs care.
My friends sister lives in OC. When sisters husband died she couldn’t pay her bills. My friend went from NM to OC to try to help her sister find a place she could afford. My friend ended up paying her sister’s mortgage. Where she already lived was the cheapest they could find. My friend has no family and can afford to pay the mortgage but she had the same question as you Swingeing, what do people do?!
Both of the above comments are perfect examples of the point I am trying to make.
Orange County, CA has almost NO support for elderly residents unable to afford the unaffordable or payments for Independent or Assisted living facilities. MediCal
is a myth in the OC. Equally misleading, no one will admit the lack of funding.
I would consider calling your state government representative and telling them your issue.
Otherwise, California is in so much debt I can’t imagine it getting better anytime soon.
Maybe move to another state? I understand thousands of Californians are migrating elsewhere.
California residents are taxed for everything.

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