It's April 4 -- National Caregiver's Day

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I didn't even know until I saw it on Facebook this morning. Think I'll treat myself to a lunch out before I go grocery shopping. :)


Great idea!!!
What is everyone else doing for themselves? Not sure yet what I will do - probably dinner from the deli.
Cool! I could use the extra "excuse" to do some self care after this weekend spent handling my dad's stuff (and handling dad himself, the eternal grouch monster...).

Gym, wash hair and use the new body scrub (mint & charcoal, which might sound weird but it makes my skin So Soft and smells amazing), get resumé ready to go for renewed job hunt...

Great plan for the day!

Or I could just be lazy and watch a movie for a bit.  

There's no losing scenario I see for this caregiver's day. ;) 

Have a great day, caregivers! 

Wow! Double treat for me - it's also Rainmans 24th birthday!

We are planning on taking Rainman to his favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner so I think I'll add a double margarita for myself - not blended and salt, definitely. Or maybe just a double shot of tequila - with a silent toast to my mom and dad.
Huh. Looks like it's National Caregiver Day here too Jessie. I guess that should make it International Caregivers Day?
Of course the cynic in me thinks the announcement only means a good photo op for the PM and sundry politicians to show on the evening news.
Ha ha. Now I wonder what country I was reading. My computer is so global and people pull things from everywhere. But if it's Caregiver Day somewhere, it can be Caregiver Day here, too. :-D

The lunch was good.

Actually I checked and saw the third Friday in Feb. I guess that's the US. Rats. I missed it then.
How ironic. I've spent the last three weeks fighting with hospital staff to get proper treatment for Mom. The discrimination (age and language) is rampant, the finger-pointing is pathetic. And I submitted a 5-page complaint to the ombudsman's office, the 2nd complaint in this round. I'm almost ready to call the media, I'm that disgusted.

I'll treat myself tomorrow to a Globe and Mail newspaper (Wednesdays has a food section), write 2 chapter quizzes and practice finals for my hardware course, and hopefully watch some native dancing and throat singing (it's First Nations week at the college).

And ice cream, there's Smarties ice cream in the freezer.
rwarren - smarties ice cream? Do you mean ice cream that has those little round hard candies in it? Ohhh! Those has always been my favorite!
Rainmom, here in Canada smarties are a candy very similar to chocolate m&m s. I can't imagine the American kind in ice cream... is there really such a thing?
To my fellow caregivers thank you for being the care bears of the world. Cwillie, I love Smarties too. I love ordering a Smarties blizzard from Dairy Queen. Maybe I will go and do that later today as a belated Caregiver's Day celebration.

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