Insurance company will send a doctor!

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One of the frequent questions on this site has to do with getting home-bound, stubborn or otherwise difficult to transport elders to see a doctor.

My mom's insurance plan recently changed, and as part of the new benefit package, they are offering to send a physician to examine my mom, take vitals and review her meds. Now, my mom is in a NH, so we're good, but I can only imagine what this might mean to some folks out there. Has anyone else had this offered?


I have read about doctors starting to do house calls like they did in the past. That sounds great. Perfect for those where trying to take one's parents to the doctor is a major doing.

But I wonder if that elder who refuses to see the doctor will hide under the bed when they hear the doorbell and know it is a doctor, like my cats do :P
Great news! Use it to the max!
We have Medicare and BCBSM Medigap; I don't recall seeing any notices that this is a new benefit, but if other insurance companies adopt the policy it would be really great, and I think much less intimidating or unpleasant than having to get dressed and go out to sit in a doctors office. Most of my travel is for medical appointments.
Garden Artist, take a little time and log in to the BCBS site and find out what extras you may have. We have Anthem BCBS and have access 24 hr to call and talk to a nurse.
Thanks for the suggestion, Pam. I will do that. I'm so used to getting the Medicare booklet and calling them that I hadn't thought BCBSM might have some extras.

I'll also check out Anthem; I had never heard of it before.
Unfortunately mom fired her civilian doctor and moved her care back to Tricare on the military base. They do not make house calls and will not renew her medications from the other doctors without her being evaluated. She will not make an appointment to be evaluated and get her prescriptions renewed. So now she sits at home, no medication, in extreme pain, suffering.
You must concern with legal advisor.

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