I'm going to a dementia conference today. I'm so excited!

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I'll spend all day at Meeting of the Minds, sponsored by the regional Alzheimer's Association and Mayo Clinic. There will be many experts talking on many aspects of dementia. I am going to one session, for example, on depression in dementia.

I've attended this conference two other years. Since I no longer am caregiving for a person with dementia I hesitated to sign up this year. But I am seriously interested in the topic. I'll share some insights here, if it seems appropriate.


Good for you, they need to hear from hands on caregivers and you are so generous with your experience.
Brilliant, Jeanne. I think you might find that they need you more than you need them :)
Good for you. Your wisdom and insight is a blessing to all on this site. Please do share what you learn.

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