Idea for managing odor and "safe" disposal of body waste.

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Don't have this problem often (yet), but was so disturbed at the odors and obvious health hazards associated with disposing of poopy diapers. Really, these are toxic biohazards, as are baby diapers, but doubt the hazmat teams will come out and collect our soiled diapers and paper towels.

This is the solution I've come up with so far, however just on a diaper at a time solution. Here it is.

Get two layers of plastic bags into a waste bucket so you'll have two bags ready to help seal odors. Buy a lot of that super absorbent cat litter, perhaps with odor control. Put a few cups into the bottom of the bag. After removing and flushing large pieces, put the diaper into the bucket with poop showing (don't fold diaper over) and pour cat litter over all poop to absorb the moisture and odors. You can continue putting in wiping clothes, and pouring over more litter as needed. Seal up the inner bag. Pour some baking soda over this inner plastic bag to help cut odors, then seal up the outer bag.


OK, here's the solution for multiple messes. Get a large plastic bucket of kitty litter and empty litter into other container. These buckets are sturdy and have secure tops. Line with two plastic bags. Or get a sturdy cardboard box and line with two layers of strong plastic bag. Make sure you can tape close the box later.

Put kitty litter into the bottom of the bucket or box. Place dirty diaper face up, then pour on more litter as needed, add soiled paper towels, latex gloves, etc. Add more litter to cover poop stuff (perhaps enough to place next diaper face down into the litter). Layer the soiled diapers and kitty litter until the box is full, adding more litter if the box is smelly.

Between uses, twist the inner plastic bag closed, and put on the lid. When the bucket or box is full, twist inner bag closed with twisty tie, add some baking soda for more odor control. When bucket or box is full, seal up, perhaps mark SOILED DIAPERS!! on it and dispose in garbage can.

Suppose one could do this with urine soaked diapers as well, though many of them have odor control.

good idea ! i just throw them in walmart bag and take em out to the garage so it wont stink up the house . when garbage bag is full i throw that in back of my husband truck and he hauls em to the dump . 3 dollars plz ..
My daughter had a diaper genie that we use. It is a big one and basically only had urine soaked diapers, but it worked great. We lined it with a scented trash bag with built in pull ties. It also has a place to put a scented deodorizer.

Good Will or a used children's store might have one at a good price.
After talkng to my daughter it's not a diaper genie, it's a diaper champ. (much bigger)
Thanks, will look into that as well. sounds civilized.
Good ideas all. Will revisit when and if we get to this crossroads-but can anyone tell me what to do when Mom argues that she can just "fold over" the poopy wet wipe and re-use it? Is there something wrong with ME that I want to say "no way Jose"?
you know, the original comments under the headline disappear after awhile. The original comment handles single messes, using a plastic bag, layering mess with kitty litter. This includes wipe up paper towels, etc. Double bag, with baking soda sprinkled between the bags to help neurtralize escaping vapors.

But more important, why does the OP comment disappear? From now on if I post a new comment, I'm not going to the "more infor" for the headline, but straight to the comments area. Weird.
What OP comment? I didn't see one or is that your point :)
That is my point. I elaborated at first on procedure for disposing of single poopy diaper by putting it in a plastic bag and pouring kitty litter over the messy parts. This absorbs the moisture and they often have odor killers in them. Then do the same with dirty paper towels, bed protector sheet, etc. Then tie off this bag and rebag in another plastic bag. Toss in some baking soda to help absorb odors that make it that far. I don't have many episodes, but using the kitty litter stops the gross odors quickly and make the cleanup process easier to stand.

It also feels better knowing that I am not taking this explosive toxic mess to my garbage can to foist surprises at me the next time I open the lid. Especially in hot weather. WHEW.

Anyway, this was explained in the original post connected to the question, and not the explanation doesn't show.

The procedures for cleaning up a sewage or vomit mess in a public place is like a hazmat crime scene. There are kits available for restaurants, hotels, malls with crime scene tape, biohazard marked plastic bags, etc. They have a solution that effective kills all bacteria, so they are then allowed to toss it in the garbage. But what do WE do with this stuff?

"Sunshine Cleaning" movie has a lot of info on the impact of biohazards. And it's a nifty movie.
You can find Adult incontinence product disposal bags online at The bags have a drawstring closure to help seal in odors and are opaque to help with discreet disposal. There is a dispenser for these that can be mounted on a wall or door near a toilet or where ever needed. Its a great product. They also have an odor neutralizer spray that can be used with the bags and a disposal pail with an odor reducing feature. The bags can be used alone or with the spray and pail. The bags are easy to handle for adults who have trouble with dexterity etc. This allows for independence and discreet disposal.
Great idea!

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