I'd like to share a smile; I got today. To all us diamonds may we find the strength and courage to continue..

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"A diamond is just a piece of carbon that handled stress exceptionally well. "



I turned out to the turquoise -- blue and cracking under the slightest pressure.
I am a Garnet. Now that I am ground down to a fine dust, I make a great abrasive.
im still a hunk of coal -- in the rough ..
I'm glass. Not yet broken, but scratched and cracked. I pretend to be strong but you can see through me.
Boni, that would make you a Helenite, the molten glass spit out by Mt. St Helens that has cooled and crystallized and is set in silver jewelry. A very pretty stone that resembles an Emerald.
Captain, I think you are a geode. Rough on the outside, Amethyst within. Amethyst is known for it's healing powers.
i blew my st helen up and that was just a s*itty morning . i wasnt even pissed yet .
I'm a plain ole river rock, laying at the bottom, watching life flow over me , passing me by...

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