IRS awards sole source identity verification contract to Equifax

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I couldn't believe this when I heard it on the news last night, but apparently it really did happen. CNN reported it on its website this morning.

IRS has awarded a sole source $7.5M contract to Equifax to verify taxpayer identity and participate in ongoing identity verification and validations, whatever that means.

I'm sure there are fraud issues in taxpayer filing that need to be addressed, but Equifax is hardly qualified to manage any more confidential information after the fiasco of its mishandled data breaches. How many more American identities will be compromised now?

I would LOVE to read that contract; I'll bet Equifax has one sweetheart indemnification clause and is exculpated from all liability for data breeches. Hopefully, class action lawsuits will force it into bankruptcy and get rid of it once and for all before it compromises not just millions but billions of taxpayer IDs.

This has potential to be devastating for Americans. Putin is probably developing sore spots on his hands from clapping in glee.

Time to contact lawmakers again and express outrage and hope they do something.


I'm just floored at this, GA!

Apparently this was a "no bid" contract; Equifax was somehow deemed the only company with the expertise to do this.

How in the world could this have happened? I haven’t heard this but will research it this weekend.
Who makes these decisions? For goodness sake. Almost as bad as the Harvey Weinstein episode!
Shane, I've been wondering this myself. It boggles the mind to think that someone could make such an irresponsible decision. I don't know if this was made by the IRS Director, or someone in a government contracting position within the IRS, or who.

Since I used to be in government contracting, I know the regs governing them are extensive, and very complex. And I'm sure there are some provisions that have been violated in terms of the contractor's (Equifax) standing and qualification. But somehow that doesn't matter. I keep wondering if the Russians are meddling in government contracting now.

I don't recall the criteria for sole source awards, though, but it's obviously done, and I saw that during my tenure.

If you discover anything, please share with us. I'm on the lookout for updates as well.
Shocking. Yet not shocking. What a world we live in.

If anyone wants some uplifting news, look up the Washington Post story about the widow in NJ who has been “prepping” for 40 years and is about to lose his house to foreclosure.....and he is donating all of his non-perishable foods, paper goods, first aid supplies, etc to Puerto Rico.
I'm shocked but hardly surprised.

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