This isn't really a question but I wanted to share this with you kind people.

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I am a part time customer service rep and I was speaking with a customer one day, and I solved her problem for her. After I solved the problem, we got to talking and I told her about my mom's dementia and she told me that she had gone through the same thing.

After a few days, I received a book in the mail (paid for by her) and I'd like to "pay it forward". The book is a Johns Hopkins Press health book and is written by 2 doctors who are highly qualified in the field of Alzheimer's and dementia.

The book is called The 36 Hour Day and is a great guide for care givers. I highly recommend it. You think you can find it on Amazon or perhaps a local bookstore.


Thank you for that recommendation. How kind of her to make that suggestion and for you to reciprocate. I will certainly check it out. I need all the information I can get.
Thank you for the recommendation. My mom has dementia and my dad was her caretaker but my dad passed away recently. Now the care is up to my brothers and I but we are at a loss on how to handle things.
NYDCGal, I'm so sorry about your dad (and your mom). Dementia is probably the toughest battle I've had to go through and it doesn't get any better. Please try to get the book. I refer to it every day, in dealing with my mom. Good luck to you.
The book is very highly recommended and others on this site have also found it helpful. Thank you for sharing! Any good suggestions are much needed in this crazy caregiving world.
Hope it's cheap I gave up my job to take care of two dementia patients.
Thank you.
At a recent support group, one member highly recommended this book. I plan on getting it too. Thank you!
THANK YOU SO MUCH. Im making a trip to the bookstore asap. I need a tiny get away, maybe find a workbook for grandma to work on as well. ❤ if I find any more literature I'm def sending suggestions your way. Again, muchas gracias!!!!

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