I want to protect myself from my daughter but don't want her in trouble she is all I have. She is 32-years-old.

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What is she doing to get in trouble? You must protect yourself.
kutuswife, ((hugs))

You are in a situation no mother should ever be in as you need now to make a choice of just how much abuse you're willing to take from your own daughter. You can love one and not respect them nor approve of their behavior; so you need to hang onto your love for her while "objectively" looking at her behavior.

I had a similar situation occur with my grown son. I had to finally admit I would be safer without him even though I love him dearly.

You say your daughter is "all I have"; and you have not explained your situation. So I have no idea what type of living situation your are in. I know for myself, I was in the country living on my social security and growing most of my own food. I am not elgible for any type of governmental help as my income is just above poverty. I needed my son to help with the chores on the farm I could no longer handle; still I finally had to admit my psychological, emotional and even physical health HAD TO BE A PRIORITY. So I solicited the help of the court system. Now I have no one EXCEPT MY HEAVENLY FATHER who has always provided for me. It is taking some getting use to; yet my Heavenly Father is still stepping in when I need Him. Just today a man came out to set up a new ISP service for me and asked if he could buy some of the goat meat I process each year. Now, I know when slaughter time comes around this fall, this man will come and help me; and in return I'll give him some of the meat.

I urge you to turn toward our loving Heavenly Father. Your daughter is truly not all you have even though at times it may seem that way.
Definitely you have to protect yourself. Can you explain your situation in a little more detail? Someone may then have more specific responses.
More details would helpful. None the less, do not try to "protect" your daughter instead of yourself. Just last week here in Las Vegas the crazy adult son in the household killed his mother and sister. A chainsaw and various ways the body parts were stashed around the house was confusing so that at first the police could not tell how many victims there were. The family knew this man was disturbed and told others they wished he would just go away. I'm pretty sure he'll be put away forever. And the mom and sister are also gone forever. Again, protect yourself, have a charged cell phone on you at all times and have a get away plan. Get help for her even if it includes forced mental hospitalization. A hospitalization is better than prison and alive is better than dead.
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Kutu, as long as you tolerate her addictions you enable them. Cut off the gangrene.

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