I want a drop in nursing home!

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My mom is way too high needs for day care, but I wish there was something for her to stimulate her mind and provide a social outlet. It would be great if she could be fed her meals and allowed to nap most of the day but still be able to take part in any activities. And having access to the big soaker tub and the hair salon and other services would be wonderful too.
And then when she would be getting picked up in the afternoon all the families with a loved one with sundowners could be getting them dropped off for the night.
I know, dream on.


cwillie, that sounds like a great idea.... maybe in the future it will happen if someone could figure out the complex logistics.
We have overnight and weekend daycare for kids, why should it be harder for adults? People are always telling us that elder care is just like child care.... ;P
Yay! Great minds think alike, Cwillie. My neice takes her daughter to a toddler drop off. That is a bit different than pre-school or daily child care. I like the DROP-OFf aspect of the plan.
1) they don't live there. 2) they don't go at a pre-arranged schedule or all the time. 3) they go at your convenience, and when you can afford it.

Someone is about to make a million on this idea.

We could call it ELDER DROP-Off. Or something nicer.
Figuring out the complex logistics: 24 hour on-site nurse (R.N.)
PRE-paid Membership required, funded by medicare re-imbursement.?
"The Club."
Hospital beds for naps.
Patients will be administered their own meds by R.N. , brought in with them. Required to be individually pre-packaged and individually labeled by pharmacy.
Rx, New service I heard about.
Mininmum stay 2 hours. Can be overnight, like a hotel?
"The Best Exotic Eldercare Hotel"
Fees are 1) a minimum price, 2) extra for use of bedroom, private or dormitory for napping. 3) extra for meals, snacks and hors d'ouvres are free.
A personally assigned caregiver. Plan A Cannot be left alone. Plan B Caregiver supervises maximum of 3 clients.
What else?
What is the plan for caregivers who do not return to pick up their family member?

Is a person with a DNR allowed?

It sounds like an exotic quick solution to respite care. What about a person on hospice? What is the plan?

Can THE CLUB take elders out on casino trips or museum outings for a fee?
Cleaning is would next on the list. After the day-timers leaves, and crew needs to come in to quickly clean.... put on all new bedding, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.... then when the night-timers leave, the crew quickly needs to change the bedding again, clean the bathrooms, etc.
Go Fund Me
RCFE licenced. Membership fees go towards insurance and legal costs.
Restaurant next door, delivers to guests. This solves the food service issues, because chef could not plan ahead for a drop-in crowd.
FF, yes, again with the hotel idea for a cleaning crew. Good planning, cleaning is paramount.

How about delivering them home in a limo?
Wouldn't it be more fun just for caregivers to go and get a jacuzzi? Lol.

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