I've been caring for my mother who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and dementia for 6 years. Its hard because my mother and I never had a

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true mother-daughter relationship. I was physically abused by her when I was a kid and a loving and caring mother has never been on my mind. Now, she needs attention 24/7, my older sister wants nothing to do with her and I am alone taking care of her. She turns aggressive and her attitudes are so similar to those of my childhood that I can't separate one from the other. I take care of her because of mercy, I feel sorry for her condition and get up every morning asking the Lord to help me go through another day. This forum has been a true blessing. Sharing my feelings make me feel better. Thank you all.


Susana, I can relate to caring for a difficult Mom. If it weren't for mercy, grace and forgiveness, things would look a whole lot different. Compassion kicks in at times when needed. I agree with you, about the Lord, and this forum being a blessing. My sister and I collaborate our perceptions, just to stay grounded. Boundaries help, as well as bouncing ideas back and forth with others. As strange as it may seem, I count my blessings in comparison to the way things could be. Thanks for sharing a part of your story. Take care! :)
Susana, just remember that you are not that little girl anymore.
You are a survivor. You are strong. And in a strange way you have your mother to thank for making you strong enough to forgive and have mercy on her at this time of her life. Hang in there girl, and as i tell myself often, when all is said and done we will know that we have done a good thing.

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