I see my Mom turning into her Mom.

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Every day it's getting worse. I see the anger, hatred, the lying and stealing...
I don't know if it's because she's getting older, or if it's because I'm getting older and seeing more of what my mom is really like.
I get so angry over how she acts, but keep quiet because I'm the 'child', but I see her doing things that she used to complain about that her mother did and continued to do up until she passed. My grandmother had Dementia and was just a mean woman in general.
My dad see's it, confronts her and she doesn't even care or acknowledge that she's done anything wrong.


How old is your Mom? Could she also have the beginnings of dementia? I think most of us are more like out parents than we like to admit. My Dad has mild to moderate dementia, totally set in his ways and stubborn. When I gripe about him to my wife she tells me I'm going to be just like him. NO WAY!
People don't get mean because they age. When was the last time your mother saw a healthcare provider? There may be a health issue underlying this behavior.
I was ten yrs old when my grandmother died - she spent her last few years laying in bed in a NH. Up until then mom had tried to hire live-in help so grandma could stay in her house. It never worked out for long - several stole from her and I can recall at least two that simply left without letting my mom know. Grandma was very difficult during this time and even more so when my mom finally gave up and placed grandma in the NH. I clearly remember at one point my mom getting totally frustrated and saying to me "I hope I never get like that. If I start to act like that, tell me". So a couple of years ago when mom began to be difficult I reminded her of our conversation. Her reply "I never said that!" Apple - tree.
My mom is 68. I'm starting to see that she also has no 'inner' conscience.
She's a nurse, funny thing is she is not into medical doctors and is all natural.
But my guess is, she has either a form of ADD (my brother had it) or bi-polar.
Or it's just age, not sure...

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