I need some suggestions, my 94-year-old Grandmother lives in another state and we have worked 24/7 care for her as she is bed ridden

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it is costing alot to keep her in her home and by summer of 2011 she will just about be out of money, other than her social security, military pension. She gifted out so much money she will be penlized for medicade, she did all this before years ago before she developed demintia and her health turned for the worse. I live in VA Beach, am responsible for her and have been taking care of her finances. I do not know what I am going to do when the money is almost gone. Any suggestions??? I wish I could find someone and provide free room and board/utilities with pay to stay with her so we don't have to move her here to VA Beach, she lives in Arksansas. I am at my wits and very lost at this point. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Is she in the VA system? The VA has facilities and benefits that can help is she is a spouse or the veteran herself. Review www.va.gov, she could be entitled to some benefits if she has not tapped into them already. You may have more options of facilities in VA Beach being that is so full of military personal, and you could watch over her care better. You can contact the local Area on Aging in her area for local resources as well, just Google Area on Aging and put in her city and state and you should be able to locate the number.
Hi Bridget, my grandmother is the spouse of my deceased grandfather that retired. I did not know she could have VA benefits, I shoud check into it. Other than her military pension I don't know much more. My husband would like us to go out and bring her back to VA Beach in a rented RV with a friend of ours who is an EMT next year. All that will be left is the stocks that I will have to cash out by then. Her care takers cost alot, and of course the utilities are much higher with more people in the home, food/meds... Her wishes were to pass away in her home, but I just see her out living her $$$$ and I am trying to fight off a sibling that is trying to get to her money, there is only him and I left in this family. He has even threatened to take me to court, but my lawyer said not to worry, my grandmother had me sign signture cards on the bank and stock accounts, I have a power of attorney in place and a medical letter from her doctor stating she can not handle her affairs, so hopefully this will protect me and her mostly, if she has to come to our home so much will change, our whole lives for sure, but she is my grandmother, my Mom her only child died several years ago and we lost my dad right after her. This is all so sad, my brother and I do own the house and property(deeded over years ago). I hope I don't have to lose my job over all this, I love her and am a strong woman, but I feel helpless. thanks for listening going to check out the www.va.gov there must be one for Arkansas 2
I wonder if Tricare would cover any nursing home care, she Medicare is her primary with Tricare as her secondary
It is gonna be hard. You may also try to look for Legally Unlicensed Assisted Living.

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