I mooned my mama tonight. I am losing my mind.

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Yes, you read that right. What a day.....I don't even have a whole lot of detail. Other to say I am so ashamed of myself but yesterday when my brother visited and Mama went from a catatonic sleeping beauty to a comedian on the Tonight Show upon the mere sight of him, I just give up. It must be nice to get to live your life exactly as you choose and show up once a week for an hour or two and Mama treats him like he is the be all end all of all time. Forever Mr. Awesome, the golden boy of all golden boys...and all I am is a pack mule. After putting up with her staring at me and refusing to eat today and crapping one load after another, I just lost my mind and mooned her...and yes I am ashamed. I am going to h*ll.


No, hope you are not. You had a stressful day and remembered and talked about things that made you angry many years ago. I bet it had all but left your mind. Then compound it with brother?! I will tell you what, I would not have dealt well if one of my sibs had shown up today!

Don't be so hard on yourself. I am actually chuckling about this, as I would never have the gumption to do what you did. Tomorrow, you may laugh at yourself, I hope so.
Maybe I was trying to get a reaction out of her...whatever my reason, all she did was stare..for a moment...then just laid her head right back down and closed her eyes...well all righty then...I guess it is somewhat comical..I guess one thing that really set me off was my brother sitting there and started talking about how worried he is about his wife....you know, the woman who lives at the palace on the lake, spends her entire life sunning, drinking, enjoying her cigarettes or other hobbies, shopping...well, turns out she is sooooo tired...he is just so worried about HER....when he told me that...I just said it....: oh that, I feel like that ALL THE TIME....wonder what is causing hers because it sure isn't what is causing mine....unbelievable...I wouldn't even have the nerve to bring that up to me when he knows how bad I feel and could give a rats behind...
Mooning...ok I laughed. No harm, no foul. You get a few minutes on the bench, then, back in the game.
Does it make me a bad person if I think this is hilarious? Good for you to find a safe way to express your feelings!! And no, you're not going to h*ll…you're already there, so when it's over enjoy the heck outta yourself :)
I too find this hilarious. That is one way to get her attention. hahaha If it makes you fel better, you made my day. It wasn't violent or abusive, as the wise vegas lady says shrug it off; get back in the game . Buy her some flowers, and yourself some too you deserve them., make her favorite meal. It's not the first time she has seen your butt.

On the more serious side, this is a wake up call. You need breaks, some time to yourself. Talk to your brother. If he can't give you respite care, he can pay for you to hire somebody. Maybe a housekeeper to take some of the drudge work off you, or a companion for your mother. Better yet let him take his Mom for weekends at the palace. Handle this now, don't let it escalate. Thanks for the laugh.
Kathy it was the equivalent of a tamtrum "I will scream and scream till I am sick" You are just so frustrated and feel powerless, just put it behind you.
Hugs to you
Veronica91...I think I DID put it behind me...haha.....yes, yesterday was a huge wakeup call to me. I think I like to believe I can handle anything. It is killing me that I no longer handle anything, I just manage to make it one day at a time. I am having serious crisis of faith. I am a believer,but do find myself questioning everything I ever believed in these days. My brother would never give us money for anything so we're out of luck there. It's all his and he plans on keeping it..ha.....I am planning on getting her in respite for the allotted time asap and will talk to the nurse today. On a more immediate note, last night, after the moon shown brightly, I texted my cousin and asked her if she could come and let me just get out of here for the day and she said she could I am going to try to get an appointment to have my hair cut by someone who actually does it for a living (instead of myself who has been doing it) and then use the rest of the day to just do something for me. I know if I do not I am liable to do something that might not be so funny next time.

The insane thing is I did not even get a rise out of her over it. She just stared at me and look disgusted ( I'm sure she was) and laid back down.

Another bad thing for us here is that Mama is totally bedridden...She lives in this bed, can only lift her head from the pillow a slight bit (to observe a full moon or whatever) so there is no getting her anywhere else unless it is by ambulance to respite care....All the lifting, all the turning, all of it is on me. It finally just built up...thanks for all the encouragement. yesterday was truly a wakeup call . I know how angry I was and am glad that it came out in the form of a lunar appearance...next time I might not so lucky...thanks again.
Oh my, Hope! You just gave all of us a much needed hearty laugh!

"...can only lift her head from the pillow a slight bit (to observe a full moon or whatever)" BAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!
I'm sorry, but that statement just struck me as hilarious.
Hope, you are my hero! I've often given the finger to my horrible MIL when we talk on the phone. She can't see it, and I find it soooo refreshing to flip her off when she yammers on about the same old self-centered stuff that she's been saying for years.
You, my friend, have kicked it up a notch, and I salute you for it. (Not with my middle finger, but with a real salute.)
Perhaps your brother's wife needs a hobby to put some excitement in her life. Try dropping your mother off at the lavish lake house as a surprise for her. It will brighten up her boring existence to have a bedridden old lady to take care of. As a bonus, your mom can be with her golden boy all the time. Think how nice that will be for him!
Just leave mom on the doorstep in the dark of night and take off for parts unknown. You can blow the horn and chuck a moon out the window as you drive off into the night.

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