I'm playing "air-conditioning tag" with my Alzheimer's mother. She doesn't like the air movement (it doesn't blow on her at all). She turns it off.

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I keep it on, she comes out and turns it off when I'm not watching and we do this all night. We live in Phoenix so we need a bit of cool air! (I keep it at 78*) She'll put on a sweater and scarf when we're watching tv, but you'd think it was 20 below and the looks from her are just as chilly. I don't want it to be WWIII, but I need to stop her from turning it off. Any ideas? Notes on the wall are ignored, kind of like wallpaper.


In the same boat as you but I don't live with mine. I do the shopping, cleaning etc. so I'm sweating bullets while she sits & observes. She keeps her apt. at 85-90^ and I'm approaching Mpause. She also complains about her feet swelling......oh gee I wonder if the HEAT has anything to do with it??? Apparently cooking me amuses her.
Is ther a lock box you could put on the thermostat? Maybe a programable one she wouldn't figure out? Remind her to bundle up & tell her you can't take off any more clothes while she can always put more on.
Get her a parka from the catalogs?
I'm praying for us.
Gosh, we have a programable one that I can't figure out! Box won't work as the doorbell is right on top of it. Last night I put a big note over it that just said "No!" and I put it up one degree so it wasn't blowing right when she went to bed. Seems to have worked this time as it was on all last night - whoopie! I feel like you, that sometimes it seems as if she is annoying me on purpose just for her amusement but I know it's the dementia talking - at least that's what my brother keeps saying. :-) Yeah - let him come live here!
My parents, in their 80's say they can live without the AC just fine, done it all their lives. They keep the furnace on 95 in the winter and say they like the heat but won't go to Florida or Arizona because it's too hot. What the heck.
As the body ages there are several factors at work that reduce their need for A/C - anemia, lack of activity due to arthritis and blood circulation issues that impede blood flow. They just don't run as hot as younger people. We went through this is my Mom too - we solved the problem by moving the A/C units to other rooms and using fans in the living room areas. She didn't seem to mind the ceiling fan - probably because it was so far over her head she didn't notice it. Sharing the car with her was another issu - she thought windows down was enough, we all cooked - we made sure to travel with her in the morning or evening when it was cooler or put her in the back seat when we had to travel during the hottest part of the day. Good luck!
Thanks for your input. It is moving air that bothers my mother. Doesn't like windows down, and there is no where in our apartment that is without air movement when a/c or the heater is on (same issue in winter). She will sit and complain of being warm or working up a sweat but the minute the air is on the complaints usually start. I don't think I can win and while the NO! post it worked for a few days, she just moves the note now to do as she pleases.
I had that problem with the heat this winter, Mom kept turning it up. I used a piece of scotch tape to tape the door closed and it worked. Otherwise, I was going to the hardware store to buy a locking cover for it. I have an older programmable thermostat and I looked it up on the internet, but there was no way of locking in the programmed temperatures (some can be though, it's usually a combination of buttons you hold down).
I have thought of the locking cover but she is so crafty that I've been wondering what fresh hell I'd be under for doing it. Her short term memory is shot, but she's a wily one! Tried the tape, large notes, small notes, loving lectures and rants all to no avail. Maybe I'll try walking around sans clothing and see if that makes her tolerate a little air! It's a scary thought :-)
Would vent deflectors work?
Good idea, thanks - that's worth a try. (Don't know why I hadn't thought of them) I'm off to the hardware store this weekend.
Moberg, to at least cool the air for your sleeping time, you could have a window air conditioner installed in the window in your bedroom. Then during the day you could also go into your room to cool off if necessary.

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