I'm 47 and my mother has macular degeneration (wet). she 73 and I have to give her 40 hours of care weekly. Is there any way I can recieve

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money from the state or gov for careing for her before I lose my house and everything I own in provideing for her witch I will give everthing I own if not. Thanks.


I your dad was a Veteran, there may be assistance from the VA
Yes he was although they devorced 30 years ago and he died 20 years ago.
There still may be assistance there for you.....its called the Aid in Attendance program
Why does a woman who is only 73 need 40 hours weekly of care? Is she a paraplegic or something like that? Many people have significant vision loss and live completely independently on their own with little assistance from anyone.

I don't know all the details, but could it be that your mother has become codependent with you? If she is fully ambulatory and still cognitive, she should not demand so many hours weekly from her adult child. She sounds excessively needy.
Can you afford to pay an outside Home Health care agency?

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