I lost my brother this weekend.

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He suffered from a rare brain disease. I will miss him, but he is better now and is in God's hands. He is no longer suffering. WE all have our time, and this weekend was his. His body was not functioning as the way he wanted. He couldn't talk, and his ability to walk and do everyday normal things was extremely compromised. He is much happier now, and I know I can talk to him anytime I want. He is near and listening. I just need to open my senses to see him and hear him speak to me. So far he is quieter than my dad.


I am so sorry for your loss... it is so wonderful to know that he is still with you and your heart is open for him to talk. Awesome.

My dad is quiet also. Bugger him cuz I really wish he'd speak up!

God Bless!

Just wanted to send you a big hug. I hope that you hear from your brother soon. I wonder what it is like. If our body is old and ill on earth, do we get a fresh new one? Or are we pure spirit? I was thinking whichever it is that your brother may be marveling at the change he is enjoying. That is such a good thought.
Condolences on this bittersweet event.
He joined my friend and I at a park either of us have visited in over a year. We drove up within a minute of eachother. Then a huge owl flew over my backyard that I haven't seen in this area in years... Pretty cool. Spirits come in many forms, and this was a free flying spirit... I think of you all the time brother.. Keep smiling...

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