I just need to cry for a moment, please. My 62 year old husband has had Parkinson's Disease for 7 years & we're about to lose our home.

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Does anyone here know about Parkinson's?
Many of us are dealing with dementia, Alz & other aging needs, yet Parkison's wipes away a person's dignity!
Lets look at khpoteet's situation.

Her young husband has Parkinson's. So does a friend of mine.

The shaking robs a lucid person of speech, a imple task of reading a book becomes impossible since your hands & body quiver all the time, attempting to speak a sentence becomes garbled.

Yet, as I know it, the mind is working inside a trembing body.

I hope I am not overstepping here, but this disease is not silent, altho it seems to be.

I look forward to many post of encouragement & maybe suggestions.
I want this family to keep their home & find sources for dealing with this devastating - often ignored - condition.

YOurs truly ~

The Melvin Weinstein Parkinson's Foundation (757-313-9729 / help@mwpf.org) offers tailored assistance to individuals with PD that are struggling with financial issues. Call or e-mail them. NOW!!!

Also, browse the Parkinson's Disease Foundation and michaeljfox.org. They might not help much as their main objective seems to raise money,
but it can't hurt. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so don't suffer in silence and make some noise. Someone will hear it.

My heart is with you, and so is Rip's. Good luck.

-- ED

Very Stressed, I'm so sorry you're facing such a difficult situation. I hope the phone number ED provided has helped you already. Thinking of/praying for you and your husband.
Dear Ed, Thank you SO much for your information! I am in the process of finding out what the foundation, that you suggested, can help with. From what I am understanding they will help with things like wheelchairs, & lift chairs, etc., but not financially with mortgages. The information is also helpful, though, as they can assist with items that will help to give him quality of life! So important! So many things that we take for granted! Again, thank you so much for your help!
I understand there are many research programs at the University of Washington.

I will try to find links, but you might try searching on Google.
Hi Rip! Thank you for the info! You're so kindhearted to help me! He's scheduled at Vanderbilt next month & we'll see what they have to say, too. They have had a lot of success with the Deep Brain Stimulation. It's amazing! I'll do some more Google research, too. Have a wonderful evening! : )
YOu are so very welcome.
I wish I had the sites at my finger tips.
So much research & hope!

You have a relaxing evening too ...
hug that man
You should do an online search for non-profits in your area. I know in Dallas we have one that will give financial aid to those in need. Also, if your husband was ever in the military, he can get monetary VA benefits. If you want to have a fundraiser, I will be more than willing to help you. If you need anything, let me know.
Hi BMC & rettajane! Thank you so much for your insight & care! I will do an online search for non-profits here. Thank you for your offer, BMC, to help with a fundraiser. Just not sure how to go about it! rettajane, I appreciate your hug, too!
I just want to add that this is such a hard combo of news to take. Of course it's obvious, but sometimes someone needs to say how hard and unfair life sometimes is. wow, hang in there...

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