I just can't stand it anymore!!!!!!!!!

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My 93 year old mother has the most nasty attitude. She gets sarcastic and insulting. No matter what I do for her she has something to say. She treats me like a child. I am 67 years old. She twists everything around that I say. Sometimes I just want to say the h*ll with you and put her in a home.


Petunia, when was the last time your Mom had a Urinary Tract Infection test? An UTI can create symptoms such as acting nasty, sarcastic and insulting. If it is an UTI, Mom cannot help how she is acting.

The test is pretty easy [pee in a cup] if you can get Mom to the doctor. There are even over the counter testing kits if Mom would allow you to do that. The treatment is antibiotics.
She was just at her doctors. No UTI. She's just plain nasty. Her language would make a truck driver blush. She insults me, tells me she wishes I was never born and the other day she spit in my face. My brother and sister, who hardly give me a break, tell me to just walk away, which I do, but I can't stay locked in a room all day.
It seems to me that the problem is that your mother is living with you, or you are living with her. How did that come about? Are you dependent on her, she on you, or both? From your profile, it seems that your mother has dementia. Living with a person with dementia is no picnic. Sometimes it's just plain impossible. There's probably no hope of changing her behavior, so what are your alternatives?

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