I have drawn up a contract of care for my dad who has dementia, Parkinson's and blindness. I was told to do this by an eldercare lawyer.

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This sounds like an excellent start! Can you share some of the 'details' of what this entails?

Are you talking about advance directives? (medical)?

It is always better to be prepared before the information is needed! God Bless.
It just states what I do for him in each day seven days a week. Seeing that I'm his 24 hr care giver I have him around the clock brkft lun and supper., excercise, entertainment and personal care. I set a fixed rate for the week and he signed it.
I am his power of attorney and his health conservative.
Do you have a question or just want feedback on your situation? Contract? With who? If he has dementia and has been diagnosed by a doctor, the contract might not stand up in court. I would think that being his POA and health or medical PoA is enough. If you're doing this to assure siblings that he's well cared for, then good on you. If you're doing it to pay yourself with his funds then be careful. Should you have to apply for state assistance on his behalf, there is a look back period and, contract or not, if your "charges" are excessive, he could be penalized. If you have a specific question or concern, please relay that.
I dont ever plan on him going to a nursing home. I was a home health aid in hospice and cared for patients 6 months to 102. I already have my name on all assets since 2003. I was told by a lawyer that anything that has his name on will be taken if he fails in time.
It sounds like a good plan and was endorsed by a lawyer and since you worked in the field it sounds ok as long as you are aware of thw look back period which is now at 5 years and will most likely increase in the years to come and can proved what the money was used for if he needs medicaide and that you would be the one paying the money back if it were me I would run it by his lawyer who handles his affairs if this lawyer is not the same-I would hate for you to have to give the money back at some point when his care could no longer be provided by you.
Sanderella, excellent! I also have a care contract and get 8 hours a day and she goes to daycare when I work. I signed as the c/c as her DPOA because she was in competent in the lawyers eyes. This money DOES count as spend down money towards Medicaid and she will qualify when her estate is all gone. The siblings are furious its going to her care and not them and thats too bad, they dont help. I take all receipts and computer spread sheet to an accountant yearly now, paid for by the estate also, and he told me I wasnt getting enough money per hour, but I was doing exactly what was fair and legal in handling my Moms affairs. Good for you, I am glad someone else is relizing whats out there for us at least for our hard work .
Thank you Austin, I plan on keeping him with me till the end. I have worked as a cna for 29 yrs and have done alzhiemers, hospice, quadraplegics, and children from 6 months to 102 adults. I am the only one he has. I do everything for him from sun up to sun down. He is also blind and I am his entertainment, excercise class and I read to him.
I work for a company that goes to the homes to care for it's clients, and I don't want to scare you, but care contract or not, you have to be 100% careful of anyone taking care of your dad. At my office's monthly meetings we hear about our employees sleeping on the couch, eating their food, and so much more. Most of the time even the people doing the care only think of it as a job. And sadly nothing more. Especially if he is blind, he cant see what they are doing, and if he has any dementia he may not remember. Most of the time as people age they wont report any abuse because they feel like they have become a burden. It's terrible. sorry I couldn't answer your question, just felt a need to respond to you. Good luck I hope everything goes well.
I agree, what happens is you normally get people who didnt get an education and cannot do anything else. I have called and interviewed over 100 in the past years and I do a background check and liscense check on them all. I also hav a nanny cam and can watch them when I am not home. I have finally gotten 2 fabulous woman.
I think a nanny cam is great or if a neighbor can come in at odd times in this day and age we have to live with being watches almost all the time some of our private aides were lazy when I was home I can not imagine how they would have been when I was away-but had to have some chill time I wish I could name one agency that should never be used but that would not be legal but person to person I tell my friends to advoid that one. You really need to check around with others in your local area.

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