I give up.

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I care for my father who's 77 I told him I was looking into getting some help for him with things such as showering and transportation he threw a huge fit o just needed to vent thanks to all


Hey Mistyhazed. Sorry you're dealing with that. It sounds like a great idea though. If your dad got upset about it, it's because he doesn't appreciate you need to do this. He just isn't thinking it through. It must be tough for them to feel like they need so much help.

Sometimes I see my parents, who don't have dementia, react in ways that are childish to me. I have to step back and take a breath. It's like I'm the adult now and I have better judgment than they do. It's such a turn a round. lol

You didn't ask for advice, but I'll give some for free. lol I would proceed with making arrangements for assistance with his showering and transportation. He'll adjust and you'll be better too. I know that if my parents really thought about it, they wouldn't want to overburden me.

Someone on this board had a great idea last year. She told her parents ( after a serious discussion of what their most pressing need was) that she was going to hire them "a laundress". They were able to wrap their heads around this and naturally, the lady was a HUA and could do all sorts of other stuff. So when the complained about food next, she hired them a cook, and on down the road . You NEED TO MEET THE CLIENT WHERE THEY ARE.
misty, they certainly can be reluctant to admit they need help. I think that calling in help would be the best thing for many of us. Hang in there, gf, and vent away. We know what you're going through.
Hey mistyhazed33, this is a great place to vent .. even if just small vent.. It helps
finding good help would be the next problem . our old hospice personal aid is helping me again . she can run a log splitter , make a hell of a good bag of mortar and joint up a stone wall beautifully but she was next to worthless in the elder care field . i may lose her again tho . she helped someone else change out some windows in indy today and if those windows get shot out every night as i suspect , she may have found a career there .
Been there almost didn't make it. Hair fell out no support from family.

I asked for outside support away from family. Caregiver support saved me

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