I don't think I can take it any longer.

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It's been almost a year not one day off. I jus want to die.


I can't see your profile. What's going on?
I am ok. I just need a day or two to myself.
Where you ever able to get her to willingly go to Adult Day Care?

I'm still trying to get mine to go without threatening to kill people :(
I just signed mom up for Adult Day Care in suburban Chicago. $63 for the day, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, including lunch. (I'll be packing mom a lunch since she has to have low/no salt.) I don't particularly like the connotation that goes with Adult Day Care, so I told her she's going to a social club. She's all excited. 87 years old. Mild dementia. Can be quite stubborn. I completely ignore her complaints though. She's been with me a year. She broke her hip, and I saw how well she did in the nursing home for rehab. She liked the social aspect. I just brought her back home from there 3 weeks ago. Her first day at the "social club" is tomorrow. She'll be going once a week. I'm crossing my fingers. (Speaking of connotations, I also don't like the term "Depends" or "diapers." Anyone caring for mom is instructed to call them briefs.)

My significant other of 14 years will be taking her and picking her up. He owns his own taxi. I'd already decided not to take her. She's difficult to maneuver and the wheelchair is so darned heavy. A medi-van would probably cost $100 or a little more for a round trip; so I'm paying Tom $60. I'm delighted. When she leaves, she'll be with Tom -- and I won't see her again for 8 or 9 hours. I'm looking forward to the me time.
LUCKY YOU!!! Enjoy your time!!
Nope. The Adult Day Care here is for those that really need lots of assistance. Mom doesn't fit. Her first surgeries, right arm & left hip, were last Oct 21, 2013 and today is Jul 17, 2014. The first surgeries took a huge toll on me, I thought I was going to end up in the hospital last Dec/Jan. Her 2nd Hip surgery, same hip as last Oct, this time total Hip replacement was last June 11. This 2nd surgery has been so much easier on both of us, she is able to walk, shower, eat, go to bathroom...all by herself. Last Oct thru March/April that was not the case. I need to go for a walk or go for a bike ride today after work, or I could end up in the looney bin.

I called the senior center and talked with them about Mom, as a result they sent her a flyer in the mail, and Mom told me she wanted to go at least once a month! Music to my ears! Also convinced her to go to a elders' excercise group once a week! We are making some real progrss. She's being released from physical therapy this Thurs, and then she can resume going to the Women's group at the Church for social get together and devotionals!

Why is it, when you're close to recovery, you start to break down?

Thanks everyone, it's just nice to know YOU ARE THERE!!!!!

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