I can't find financial assistance.

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All that I see is Medicaide forum or others asking the same question. I've lived with my Step Dad for 9 yrs after a stroke I knew he could no longer be on his own. I had a lady come in 5 days a week but I only worked to pay her. My Dad kept calling work insising I come home so I lost my job or jobs. Now I am out of money and need help. What can I do he has medicare and AARP but how is that going to keep the bills paid? I'm not looking to cash in I just need some help. Please if anyone could tell me what to do I know if I was to put him in a facility it would be the begining of the end. Besides the stroke he is manic depresive and bi-polar and has dementia. Besides all that he is physically sound and will probably last well into his mid 90's Please e-mail me at sandracota1@att.net if you can give me any ideas of what I am going to do.


get court ordered/commited , its easy !
Hi Sandra1714,

Look in your phone book and if you can't find it there, if you have a computer--google it, dogpile it, go to any search engine and enter
Area Aging Agency--__________,__ (the blanks are City and State).
Cincinnati, OH is Council on Aging. Talk to them about your needs, questions & concerns--they'll be able to help you out. You shouldn't have to go any farther than that. ...but if they can't, they should be able to direct you to someone who can help you in your situation.
Good luck and (((((((HUGS)))))).

You wont qualify for Medicaid unless you are literally poor. you have to meet the asset limit to start receiving benefits. You may get long term care plans for your dad,

I think some states also provide medical support for people who cant manage to pay the bills. You may also ask some relatives or friends to help you

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