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I was the one that started the discussion about what has p*ssed you off about your loved ones. I was mad and in physical pain when I wrote that and I am sorry. My neck hurts, and my mom went thru my mail again to see my therapist's bill which she passively-agressivily throughs in my face. The only reason she lives in my house like a queen is because I see a therapist. I just had serious cervical spine surgery 4 days ago and used poor judgement in writing that and I am sorry if I offended anyone. She just really hurt my feelings again. I guess the little 5 yr.old girl in me still has fantasies about a loving mother that doesn't use inside info about your emotions against you. Also don't use drugs and drive on a computer LOL. So again I apologize about the aggressiveness of my post. Was just having a big temper tantrum and I am to old for that. So many of you have situations that are much worse than mine and handle them with a grace I believe I would not be capable of.This site has helped me so many times and I feel I abused it by writing that discussion topic,so again please forgive me.


everybody flips out sometimes. cut yourself some slack ..
Don't know what you said, don't remember but that is just fine. That is what this site is for. People are here for you and care. Hope you get well and feel better. Take care
thanks,I knew this was the place to go to if I had a meltdown.No one understands like you guys.
Don't ya just love this site...... you just said what most of us feel... hope you are feeling better soon.... hugs to ya Tex !!
I wrote what I believe to have been a mean spirited topic of discussion because I was mad at my mother for opening a certain piece of my mail which has to do with my therapist. She likes to throw it in my face that I see a therapist, thing is if I didn't she wouldn't have a place to live because I would not be able to have her in my house , so haw haw on her!

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