I am helping an elderly friend and since I contacted the agencies (a.p.s.) etc. to update them they imediately filed for gaurdian of her.

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Is this a problem? Did YOU want to be her guardian? If yes, then can you ask them to be appointed her guardian? Perhaps it's their routine to become guardian until someone else steps forward, makes the request and gets vetted by the agency. They probably have some kind of process to get someone set up for regular welfare visits and to help make decisions.
Faith~To me this sounds likw a wonderful idea? Does this elderly lady have any family or friends other than yourslef to aid her. Perhaps you can secure guarianship--if this is what you might like.
Good Luck!
If she has family they may want to protect someone from influencing her against their wishes. Respect the family first or discuss any concerns with them. They have enough on their hands without fearing interference from an outside party

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