I'm caregiver for a woman who's a fall risk. She now has a dog and ties it to her walker. No one thinks this is dangerous!

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I am getting annoyed and don't want to. I have always liked her very very much. But in the last few weeks things have been different. I think she is upset about loosing control, but is not really happy if I talk to other family members or have anything to do with the dog.

Make the bed,, then next day don't make the bed air it out. things like that.

I need to turn this around or leave. Because I want to be good for her.


leslee, you may have to roll with the flow. if you try to control or correct the elder at every turn you will become adolph hitler and pol pot all at once. in another language the elder is trippin balls and you dont want to be the one harshin on her buzz..
Leslee - I see by your profile that your client has mobility issues but you make no mention of dementia, so I assume she is mentally sound? I agree that tying a dog to her walker certainly sounds risky! Does she keep the dog tied there all the time, or just when taking it for a walk?(either way, NOT good!) If she isn't worried about her own safety could you try appealing to her concern/affection for the dog?....perhaps explain that if she should take a fall she could land on top of the poor dog and hurt him/her?
Fear of losing her independence could certainly alter her mood. Is it possible she MAY be declining a bit cognitively as well? Are her mobility problems permanent or temporary?

It sounds like you would really like to continue caring for her. There are many other professional caregivers on this forum who could probably offer better advice than I can (I care for my mother-in-law), but it would help if you could provide a little more information about your particular situation.

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