How to improve blurred vision?

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Hi!! My mom is experiencing blurred vision recently. She says that the colors are not appearing as bright as before and also she feels sensitivity to light or glare. Is this the symptoms of cataract eye? I have scheduled an appointment with an ophthalmologist in Toronto ( )for next week to discuss in detail about vision problem. I have researched and saw that many are considering laser cataract treatment to improve their vision. Is this procedure recommended for a diabetic patient? Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!!


I have diabetes. A couple years ago I had cataracts removed from my eyes. This eliminated blurring and improved color perception. I was extremely pleased with the results. My husband, also a diabetic (and with dementia) had an even greater improvement when his cataracts were removed. Essentially it enabled him to read again.

Since you already have an appointment with an ophthalmologist you will get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan. If that turns out to be cataracts, I encourage you to consider removal (if that is what the doctor recommends).

Seeing well can make a huge difference in quality of life!
I agree with Jeannegibbs about the eye evaluation. Before the appointment, I might also check your mom's A1C. Sometimes, having high blood sugar or having fluctuating blood sugar can cause blurry vision. Blurry vision was one of the first signs that I had Type I diabetes. Once, my blood sugars returned to normal, (after I went on insulin), my vision returned to normal. Of course, it could be any number of things, but, I'd keep that in mind.
Dehydration can also cause blurred vision.
Have you guys ever tried using cannabis for medical purposes? I have been diagnosed with glaucoma for almost a year now and I've
been searching any alternative medicine that can help me then i came across this article that says marijuana can be used to treat
and prevent glaucoma. I've been planning to try this kind of strain here but i have no idea where to start or buy. Can you
guys give me any tips or any ideas that can help? Thank you and God bless !!
Everything I've read from the medical community says that cannabis isn't a good choice as a treatment for glaucoma, the only literature that promotes it seems to be from the pro cannabis lobby groups. While cannabis has been shown to lower pressure in the eyes the effect only lasts a few hours as opposed to prescription drops that only need to be used twice a day, weed also has some side effects that are not benign. Your eyes are much too precious to screw around experimenting with, vision loss from improperly controlled glaucoma is irreversible.

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