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My mom is 88 and is late state Alzheimer's. I admitted her to hospice care just last wednesday. One of many reasons, hospice is great,is that medicare takes over and YOU pay for NOTHING! It is totally free! Hospice will provide meds, hospital beds, CNA personal care, regular monitoring by an LVN. They also provide comfort care. Your loved one doesn't have to be in their last few days of life for hospice to help. If you've never considered hospice, maybe it's time.


Hi, I also have just signed up for Hospice. The admitting nurse just left and I was pleased with her presentation of what hospice can provide. I'll be getting a health aid 1 hr x 5 days per week, some help with cleaning, a weekly nurse visit. I think it will give me some relief without also having to be stressed about paying someone. We'll see how it goes .
I am a huge hospice fan. They are truly God's Angels. I am so glad to hear that they are helping you. Plus - you aren't charged for their services. Medicare picks up the cost. Hospice can give you the kind of peace of mind that no on else can re: medical and health needs for your loved one.
I just started Hospice also last Wednesday for my 91 year old grandmother with Alzheimers that has lived with me for 9 years. I was at my wits end trying to take care of her. She is not able to stay by herself at all anymore and it has gotten so hard when I have two 12 year old twins at home also. A new Doctor (god blessed me with) that we had to see to get meds refilled reffered me to hospice noticing that I desperately needed help. I think that they are Angels in disquise. I'm finally getting the help that I needed. Will comment again on how everything goes soon.
Hospice workers, in my opinion, are all God sent. They have a job not everyone would want to do. But I rest easy knowing they are in charge.
Hospice is great, but be aware that it is covered by medicare only if its in home. Mom is in a hospice facility and we still pay upwards of 6,300. monthly, even though medicare is billed. The money from the sale of her house is almost gone, she will then go onto medicaid, then it will be covered 100%.
My mother is in a residential board and care facility. Her hospice people go to her. So, in California, if your loved one is at home, in a nursing home, or a board and care facility, hospice costs my mom nothing. I pay her monthly rent. Her diapers, meds, and care are free. She has a CHHA that comes in 2x week to bathe her.

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