Should I hire an undocumented foreign national to caregiver?

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What are your thoughts about hiring an undocumented foreign national to care for my parents?


I wouldn't do it....unless they were related. There must be lots of others who would willingly do the job.
I would wonder about communications between your parents and the worker. Does the worker speak good English and/or do your parents speak the worker's language? Also, what happens if there is an emergency with your parents? Would the worker be willing to call 911 or be too worried about the authorities?
I can only give you our experience with my 89 y.o.aunt in a nursing home in a border town. The family hired four undocumented Mexican ladies for $50 a 10 hour shift. They are the most professional, caring and devoted aides imaginable. I know this is not legal, but desperation led us to this action and we bless our lucky stars to have found them as they are able to care for her 24/7 and to give her the personal attention that she needs aside from the minimal care given by the overworked nursing staff of the facility.

At first we kept a very close eye on the care they were giving and one gets a gut feeling if the person is honest, caring and competent, plus our aunt was able to give us feedback as well.
Now you want to be an accessory to an illegal act?? Stay away from the illegals. When things go well, all might be fine, but have a single "problem" and you'll be VERY sorry.

I would not do it. It is illegal. Aside from that fact, the ramifications of and potential difficulties could work against you, as already mentioned.
I am looking to assist family members- see post -CARE GIVING DETAILS. I have struggle with caring for a parent and it works better with a support team.
When in doubt, don't. Lots of good advice here. You'd be wise to follow it the precautions, and stay on the up and up. Why take chances? The right way is the best way, and better to do things legally. Take care, and walk circimspectly.
I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. IF our sweet govenment finds out you could go to jail too or be given a large amount of money to pay.
I wouldn't do it either there are all kinds of tax situations you could get yourself into and perhaps jail time and it won't be the country club that the politicians get sentenced to. I am sure you can find someone who is legal to do this and do a fine job as well.
Besides they are suppose to be reported. I couldn't do it but that is what they say.

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