Hi All. I'm not doing well at all & need support. Am Very Depressed! Feel I'm in a crisis...again.

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Will write more asap, today. - Kathy K.


Please take things slowly and quietly, Know that there are people here to listen and that we care about you.
Kathy, I'm glad you reached out. I hope you will post more soon. We're here to listen and offer any help we can. Often it helps me to just vent and then someone else will reply that they have felt the same way or done the same thing. It helps me. I also really do get how depression can seem SO overwhelming. Please write again... {{{hugs}}} Pat
yes ... please continue writing. Connecting helps!
This season is really difficult!
Kathy: 2010 has not been a good year for my family...maybe it has been a bad year for many of us.
Please know that these feelings will pass...they really will...and you will be able to think more clearly.
Try getting out of your environment if you can...even if it is to take a walk.
Let's look forward to brighter days in 2011. Let us know how you are doing...Lilli
Willow215, I'm glad that you are here for our support in this crisis time. What is going on this time? Is it more of the same or something different? I think several of us last time encouraged you to get out of that abusive environment.
Willow215, I'm glad that you are here for our support in this crisis time. What is going on? I see from your profile that you have reclaimed your life.
Sorry that I did not look at your profile for an update, I see you have decided to reclaim your life which is great. So, what is going on?

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