Help Please! My mothers nursing home resident account has exceeded the limit by $2000!

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We were told we need to spend $2000 and reapply for medicaid for her. We already took out her funeral arangements. She does not need anything. What shoud we do now? Is there a type of life insurance policy that we can use that money for? She has no assets, does not own anything, no car, no house etc.
The nursing home said we should have watched the excess in her account but we did not know what to buy for her. She has a TV, she uses one of their wheelchairs. What possibly could she use that we The NH said we might have to bring her home for a few weeks and then bring her back when we spend the money but even at that, what would be allowed? We live in Florida.


What a cool problem. I'd make sure she has a 32" high def TV set (about right size for small room), with an upconverting DVD player (or a Blu Ray) to get the sharpest image. Then I'd get all of Andre Rieu's English language DVD programs. My mother (and I too) will watch those over and over. That should cover abut $800 of this problem.
Get her an eye exam and 2-3 extra sets of glasses in case they get lost. Get her dentures relined before her mouth gets too bad. At least it might help give her extra time before the dentures are too loose and not usable anymore.
Get a Homedics massage pad for her chair. The rolling ball Shiatsu ones are too hard for old bones, but just heat-massage.
Oh, here's a nifty thing to get. Soloflex sells a vibrating board that you can stand on or otherwise contact while doing exercises or just standing. Just the vibration alone causes the muscles to work as if you were actually moving.
Get special memory foam pad for her bed to help prevent bedsores. or get a whole mattress...that should blow the $2000 right there. Also memory foam pillow.
Can you buy her someone to do shoulder rubs, foot massages? pedicure? Extra personal care to make her more comfortable.
What a problem... ;-) I felt like I just went shopping.
I needed that little humor you provided!! I guess I feel guilty doing the shopping. Will you be my personal shopper LOL?

Your suggestion about the mattress was great. We joked about the flat screen TV idea. The eyeglasses, dentures is also what we considered so I guess I better get right on that. It is after 3 am and I am glad you responded so quickly! I can now go to sleep. Thank you ;-)
Mom is too senile to go through oral surgery, which is what is needed. She should have had this taken care of long before I got here to help her almost 8 years ago. Even a spare pair of her original dentures would come in handy. The dog chewed up her bottoms ones ten years ago...she tried to keep using them by putting florist clay on them...GREEN clay. too bad she thought of her self as a pauper, meanwhile living in a paid off $500,000 house, even now worth almost a million.

However, to save you trouble, I'll be your personal shopper for the bargain rate of $2000. I'll send you a receipt and your problems will be instantly over. Really, I can help...!
Hire a physical or occupational therapist to visit her once a week. Would this work?

Massage therapy on a consistent basis is also incredible for emotional and physical wellness. The benefits of good circulation help with not only mobility but cognitive function. Also a healthy variety of fresh unprocessed foods added to her diet is also very restorative at so many levels if you can bring her anything. My friend who is in her 80s complains mightily that they do not give her enough fresh fruits and the vegetables are overcooked or canned. For her there is no option as her family does not have additional funds to change anything. Glad that an overabundance of cash is your problem. We should all be so lucky :-) Love and agree with AlzCaregiver Give a Hug comments! I have no shortage of things to get for Dad or anyone I come across in this situation. Revel in the dilemma of it all....
Has her headstone been paid for?
How about a nice adjustable bed ? They start at $850 and go UP.
You can break the bank with a scooter or power chair.

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