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I'm a veteran, age 66, with tinnitus and a hearing loss that started when I was in the Army. I recently got hearing aids from the VA after learning about the program form my counselor at the Disabled American Veterans.

It turns out that any honorably discharged veteran is eligible for free hearing aids from the VA. Contact your VA hospital or clinic for an appointment. Be sure to have your DD 214 when you apply.


this is true, and they take very good care of their patients, so says my dad. hes ww2 vet. he gets his hearing aids from the VA. good thing because they are costly otherwise..
now if the VA can only replace our tv sets, he keeps blowing out the sound from turning it up to high! no kidding, hes gone through 3 tvs already. i keep offering to hook up a speaker so he can the volume up on that rather than the tv volume, but nope..
his batterys keep going out, or so he says. i think he just doesnt want to hear me. but one thing that bugs me.. he always uses the oven timer for EVERYTHING but he cant hear it going off ! why set the thing if you cant hear it? who knows
I am in desperate need of assistance for buying hearing aids for my dad. he is 85 and has profound hearing loss in both ears. he can not afford new hearing aids. He is a veteran as well. Please let me know how I can get him help!!!!!!Despearate
It's not true that the VA gives free hearing aids to all veterans that need them.

I am a 75 year old veteran. I flew almost 2,000 hours as a radio operator on a Navy P2V-7 flight crew. At that time we didn't wear ear protection. I haven't worked in a noisy environment since getting out of the Navy nor am I a hunter so I haven't been exposed to gun fire. The loud jet engine noise and the dits and dahs and squeals through my radio operator headphones is the loudest environment I've ever worked in.

I began having hearing problems 15 or 20 years ago. About 10 years ago I applied to the VA for hearing aids. They refused me.

They told me that because my records from the Navy did not show that I had complained about a hearing problem while I was in the Navy, I didn't qualify.

So apparently if there isn't something in your military health records about your hearing, you can't get hearing aids from the VA.
where do I go for hearing aids
Try the local Lion's Club in your area. They have programs for free eyeglasses and hearing aids if your monthly income level lower than 200% of poverty level.
I'm an 80% disabled Vietnam Veteran but the VA in Missouri told me you had to be service connected in order to get free hearing aids. In other words your hearing was lost while you was on active duty due to an injury. Who is right??
Freejack1950. Go to your county VA office and have them intervene.

Spadooly, You need to file a claim with the VA for your hearing loss and Tinitis issues. I'm a former P-3 aircrewman and I too have significant hearing loss. I'm also a hunter and a trap shooter. Even though we were provided with hearing protection muffs during my service, I still was given a 10% service connected disability for my hearing issues.
I have an appointment this month to get my second pair of hearing aids from the VA. I was told that you have to have a service connected hearing loss to be eligible. The batteries are also free and come from a company in Texas.
My 83 year old husband served as a Lieutenant in the Navy during the Korean War. He needs hearing aids and wonder if they are available to him through the VA. He is on medicare and a supplement.
Hearing aids from VA belong to the gov or can be sold/donated to other person in need one we are done with it? Thanks

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