He fell.

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Now, I'm really getting worried, his drs visit has been postponed and I don't know when it will be now. He never walks with me anymore and doesn't really want to do any of the exercises. He was on the porch today and said he saw glittery stuff so he decided to go inside. When he stood, I saw him start swaying and I jumped up to catch him but was to late, he fell. Thankfully his son was driving around the corner as he left and he got him up and in. He is starting to talk about being dizzy alot, he has Parkinsons and will be 71 in September.


Mel, who's "he", and what is your question?
Melrachels45, if your area has an urgent care center I would get that person there as soon as possible, or have his son take him there. At 71 years old, that is so young to be having such health issues.

Seeing glittery things could possibly mean an eye detachment which needs correction immediately or he could go blind. Or his blood pressure could be too low whenever he stands up. Either one could make a person feel lightheaded enough to lose their balance.

Let us know if you or his son does take him to urgent care, or even the closest ER, and what was the outcome of his visit with the doctors.
Mel, I understand what he probably meant when he saw glittery stuff. I used to see glittery things in the sunshine when I had panic disorder. I knew it wasn't really there. It was just something my brain was doing for some reason. In your father's (?) case it may be a good omen to show that dizziness is setting in and he should stay seated.

People with Parkinson's are known to fall a good bit. I am glad your brother drove by and was able to help. I hope your dad was not injured in the fall.
No, he is my husband, he is 20 years older than me. It wasnt such a big deal when i was 27 and he was 47, now this stuff is really scaring me.it seems to ve progressing faster than i thought and our primary dr says he also has dementia and they are both progressing. He has one if the best neurologists in the state but is having trouble getting seen. They had to cancel all their July appointments because of problems in their offices so the only way to get seen is to go to the Er if he gets any worse and tell them he needs to see one of them. They are apparently working the hospitals. I dont have transportation though so I have to find someone to take me.
Call an ambulance and take your husband to the hospital. If he wasn't completely checked out, he needs to be. X-Rays maybe, neurological evaluation, the works. That may put both of your minds at ease.

About your doctor. Great that he's one of the best in the state, but if you can't get in to see him readily, that doesn't mean anything. Think about changing docs if this one continues to be difficult to see. That's one stress you don't need.
Mel, is there any reason you can't call the son who was driving by the house when your husband fell?

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