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We live in Florida and wanted my 87 year old grandmother to visit. She currently lives in Texas with an uncle. He was vacationing in Georgia, and agreed to bring her there so that we could meet with myself, my son, a cousin, my mother and an aunt, the cousin and aunt live in the Carolinas, my mother lives near me in Florida. We rented a house and stayed a few days, and then my uncle, who was staying about 2 hours away, decided he wanted to pick her up early. My cousin suggested that she go to Florida for a few weeks, then she could see her great granddaughter's dance recital, and then go to the Carolinas for a few weeks and to my Cousin's, her granddaughter, wedding, and then we would transport her back to Texas. My uncle became very upset and said she could not come. She is not on any medication except blood pressure, and although she is a little disoriented in the morning, she knows who everyone is, participates in everything, even pedicures, lunch and shopping yesterday, and we do not see why she cannot visit other family. She is in Florida with us now, but he states we have violated law by crossing state lines since he had her declared incompetent and he is her guardian. We cannot figure out why he would have her declared incompetent. We have searched all county court records and can't find anything with regards to this, but we are also not sure that is the best place to look. There might be some questions about money on his part, but we are not asking for any money to help her in our visit or with transportation, so we can't figure out why he is threatening to call the police. Does anyone have any advice?? We just want her to be happy.

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