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I have a question. Can a person be employed to provide caregiving for a relative? I mean if a person needs someone to live with them, provide meals, lawn and house maintenance can they employ a relative to do that. Will the relative then be able to fill out a 1099 self employment form, take care of his/her own taxes, social security and everything else? I am unemployed and thinking of relocating but my father is 80 and does need such services. He is unwilling to relocate but jobs are very hard to find where I am.


The answer is yes. He would have have to pay others to do the work you are willing to do. He would probably have to hire multiple people to do meals, lawn care and home maintenance.

You should contact his financial advisor or banker or an attorney. You are basicallly setting up a small business for yourself. Find out how much he would have to pay to hire someone to do the work you will be doing. Do not short yourself since you will be paying social security and taxes. Will you get free room and board? This can be in lieu of payment but still has a value. It may make sense to pay for a room and contribute for your food.

Does your Dad need around the clock care? If not, maybe you can find other elderly folks who need yard work or home maintenance work done. Consider becoming bonded if you work in other people's homes.

The biggest worry is you probably won't have health insurance. If you have a small business, you may be able to get coverage through a business owners' association. Look into this.

Do you have siblings? You may want to make sure that they understand what you are doing is helping your dad and all above board. Sometimes siblings, even though they don't want to help out themselves, think you are taking "advantage" of dad by not working for free. Unless you are paid $100K per year, much of what you will be doing will be way cheaper than your dad could have anyone else do it.

Save all receipts and keep a journal of what you are doing to help your dad. This is just in case anyone questions anything down the road. In the world of no good deed goes unpunished, you still have to look out for yourself.

You dad is fortunate that you are willing to relocate to be near him and to help. Good luck!

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How do you get information and how do you apply to get paid for helping a friend or relative?
From the original post, the dad was able to pay for certain services such as meal prep, yard and home maintenance. Since he would be employing someone to do these jobs the question was if he could employ his son to do the work.

If a parent has no income, I have heard it is possible to be reimbursed from the state but I am not familiar with how one goes about this.

I've been checking into state assistance myself. My mom is considered low income. According to her social worker, she is only eligible to receive 12 hours a week for a free in home companion. Her accountant who is also free from the city told me I should apply to get paid for those 12 hours and not someone else since I am here 24/7. My mom dearly loves her companion. I'd hate to take that away from her so I looked into other resources. Turns out, that I am only eligible for $500 A YEAR. For 2008, however, those funds were canceled and 2009 looks shaky also. It's a hard decision, but I've got my own bills to pay and hate that my moms SSI check also pays for my car and insurance(I haven't paid any other bill in months). My brother gives us a little money each month, but I need my own income. Everyone knows and understands that I'm not taking advantage etc, but I'd feel better if I was getting my own money to pay for my bills.
I also have a question. Where and how do i find out how and who do i go to, to get paid for taking 24hour 7 day a week care of my 81 yr old mother and 76 year old aunt? I am 50 years old and in the process of divorcing my husband who is in prison until 2012 and i have no work experience except being a mother and taking care of my family. Please HELP!!!!!
My dad has Parkinsons and the dementia. He has been living with me for the last 4 years. Just this past few months it has gotten bad enough that I could not continue to work (caregiver in home with him at that those times) and care for him to- no sleep and other things. He is financially able to pay and if he had went to a nursing home he would be a private pay. So I decided he could pay me for the same thing at the same rate. I spoke to an attorney who specialized in elder law. She said this was appropriate but to keep records of his money spent. I do it just like the nursing home. It is room, board and 24/7 care, with anything extra like meds, diapers being paid out of his money. If I need to go out for any length of time and pay somebody then I pay for that out of what I recieve. I will have to pay my own taxes which will be a lot and I am unfamiliar with that. So hard sometimes though.
I am a 53 year old male presently employeed both parents live with me in a in-law apartment. They have been living with me for a least 20 years. My father was supporting my mother all this time and he has been retired for at least 20 years. He is presently 86 years old and had recently fallen and broke his hip. He is in rehab. right now and we are waiting for evaluation. My mother is not that mobile and dependant on him. Long story short, is there any way that I could get paid for caring for them or who can I contact to find out?
i want to know how i can get paid for taking care of my parents
I have been taking care of my father, (Alzheimers), for four years now. His doctors say he should be left alone, so I am a 24/7 care provider. I could not put my father in a home when he has expressed to me he wants to live with me. I could not take money from my father, he barely makes enough to pay for his presciptions. Surely, if medicare can pay for in-home care for him to others, why can't I get paid, as I am his in-home health care provider? I do everything for him, with him.
who do i contact about getting paid to take care of my mother?

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