Get ready for a new longer look back period - 10 years + is making its way into state legislation thanks to the economy.

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I haven't heard this, but it doesn't surprise me. Thanks for the information.
Thanks to our state budget crisis they are telling me we'll see it soon in my state. Senior services have already been slashed to the minimum and all IHS are being cut.
What is the current look back timeframe?
In my state it is five years but when I started applying for medicade I had to produce 3 yrs. of bank statements which I did not have and can only get 18 months from the computer so had to ask my bank to get them just spending 3 weeks get documents ready almost drove me crazy I had to pay the lawyer for 5 hrs. of his time upfront but now I am using his time on things connected with his death like fighting for 1/2 his pension and getting new drug coverage. Medicade trues to leave spouses in the poorhouse even my life insurance was considered a assest. Oh I have something to pass along I found out too late if I had not been so quick to pay the funeral home they would have helped me with social security and getting his pension that I was owed and getting his life insurance instead of just phone numbers so if anyone else has a spouse or parent die do not hurry to pay the funeral home until they help you get the money it will be much easier that way for you and they know the drill- its my husbands fault he taught me to pay the bills quick.

that is a very important piece of information for us to have, thank you. Would you consider posting it as a new topic so everyone could see it. I hope I won't need it for a long time, but I am thanking you now for mentioning it.

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