Free or financial aid for mobility equipment.

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Medicare will pay for certain types of equipment like scooters, etc. They will also pay part of an electric lift chair. Others in this forum have also mentioned lift devices.
My best resource are the companies that sell these devices. They know what is covered and, in the past, they have filled out all the Medicare forms for us.
I think my Mom would benefit from one of those scooters, but we do not own a van and can't afford to buy one. Even around the house it would help. She has Medicare and a supplement part f. Does anyone know of a good company? Laura
Medicare only pays approx. $250. of the cost of a lift chair costing $1600. They pay for the mechanism only. Blue Cross Gap insurance does not pick up the rest
Does anyone know if Medicare will pay for a Merry Walker for in home use?
kia ora i work for kaikohe northable disability serivces we have an lot of low benfit in the northland some time the cost of the equipment is not cheap so i look on the website network to find free equipment for the low income people that need the equipment of need at home for help

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