Forgotten seniors ineligible for Medicaid.

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We are seniors who worked our "productive" lives paying into Social Security and taxes and earned too much to be eligible for Medicaid but not enough money to live after rent. Yes Medicare pays 80 percent of our medical bills but none for dental, eye care, hearing care, home care help, transportation to doctors appointments, grocery shopping, food stamps, help around the "home" and other benefits paid for by the state for those who didn't work or are supporting many children without working,'or people who come from other countries and never contributed to or very little into the system who are eligible for all the benefits listed above. My $700 after rent ( public housing) must be enough to pay for food, medicine, utilities, personal hygiene needs, clothing, transportation, and other living expenses. I would have to pay more than $100 per month or more deducted from my Social Security for Medicade home help. (I am 72 years old and in poor health. ) "Golden Years", I don't think so.


I remember my parents drilling into me to save for those "rainy days", and now I know what they meant. Thank goodness I took their advice.

I am curious about how Social Security deducts $100 a month for Medicaid home help. Can you give us more information on that?
The good news is that you can now add ear and eye care to Medicare. I believe it is $11 a month extra. I don't know how much it pays. You can also take our individual dental insurance that will pay about half your bill up to about $1000 a month. This is not too expensive -- about $20 a month. When there is little money, though, these are hard to buy. Many senior adults are in the same position that you are. There has to be a better way to live, maybe through living together, instead of alone.
If your income after rent in subsidized housing is $700 I can't imagine why you aren't eligible for Medicaid. Do you mean that you would be responsible for a co-pay each month because you are over some limit? That still might be a good deal for you and even more important if your health issues get worse. If you have assets perhaps it is time to sell them and use the money for your own support. If you don't have assets I really can't believe you are not eligible for Medicaid. Please explain that.

Yes, there are huge numbers of elders that do fall through the cracks. Reform is needed! I definitely believe that, and agree with that aspect of your post.

This community can't do anything about reform (except in our private capacities as voters) but we would like to help you. Give us more details and maybe we can come up with ideas.

For them that gots the gold, old age can be golden years. On the other hand a cousin and his wife are facing their "golden years" with her having developed a rare and expensive chronic illness. Having been prudent and lucky they may be able to pay their own way -- or they may need some assistance before all is said and done. They definitely won't be leaving their children a financial legacy, which would otherwise have been a reasonable expectation.

I do not know your circumstances. I surely cast no blame in your direction about not being in a better financial situation at this point in your life. We do have safety nets and I urge you to take advance of that.
State DSHS (Dept of Social and Health Services) sets the amount of services and deducts it directly from SS. Medicade eligibility is based on gross income. For example $1,050 would be about $265 over the limit. I have Aspergers but always worked and raised a child without receiving child support. In those days programs like 401K were not available to me.
JessieBelle, could you give some details on dental insurance policies for senior? The ones I have seen are sure more than $20 per month or so. Thanks.
Thank all of you so much. Gives me possibilities Thanks!!!

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