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I know it can be very tough to get away when caring for an elderly parent, especially when you yourself are so exhausted, but I have found that exercise in many ways has helped me tremendously. A local gym where you can get away a few times a week can be a life saver. The exercise will really alleviate some of the stress. I know that when I don't go to the gym for a couple of weeks, I am ready to lose my mind from my care giving situation. Having gone to work out yesterday, I feel 100 percent better facing today. It does make a difference. Of course, the occasional vodka martini doesn't hurt, either. :) At least give it a try. Exercise won't change your situation, but it might make you cope better with it.


Of course, that hasn't prevented me from putting on 10 pounds from the stress of this situation. What do they call Cortisol? The stress hormone. What does it do? Belly fat. Yeech.
You are so right about the value of exercise. Going to a gym also has the benefit of a change of scenery and an opportunity to interact with other people. But a gym is not for everyone, and in some situations it isn't practical. Any kind of exercise, from taking a walk to following along with a video at home, can have benefits.

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