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This is about the finance department at my mother's memory care.
I just need to voice this somewhere since the woman there just does things with out telling me or when we do speak she doesnt mention things.
First - she, without my consent or knowledge took me off as being mom's payee and had her SS direct deposited into their bank.
Yes, you all said that is the way they do it- but I found it a real shock to get a letter from SS saying I was no longer her payee and not saying who was.
I told the woman about the shock (she laughed) and
we discussed that I will use her pension for the $60 personal allowance.
to pay for her med D premium, and to pay the MC balance.

Today- I get a statement from the MC
it states that SS has put the $60 personal allowance into the MC trust account.
How do I buy her things now?

Has anyone else had this lack of communication? Is this normal ?


I am my mother's DPOA
I don't have mom in a facility but I sympathise. I have observed with home care and the times I have had mom in respite that these agencies have their way of doing things and the families wants and needs seem to be an inconvenience to them. I had thought that I should be a valuable member of the "team", what I found was that I was expected to turn in my jersey and just show up to cheer on game day.
thanks cw... When I was first signing the papers for admittance they said I could give them POA and then "show them the receipts for items I got for her and get my money back" I refused .
Now it seems they have found a way of doing it without my consent anyways.
Dont they realize I may not HAVE the money to spend on her and that is why I had it set up with her credit card?
Yes, they told me i was part of a "team" too..... I guess I still am upstairs, but definitely not down in the offices.
micalost, I am going to guess that she transitioned to Medicaid. On Medicaid there is no further need for supplementary insurance. On Medicaid, the patient's entire social security check has to pay for her care, minus the $60 personal needs allowance. If the entire amount is not promptly turned over to the nursing home, the facility will either get the patient to sign a rep payee, or the Guardian must agree to do so. Failing that, they get a court order to become rep payee.
Sadly, there is no money to pay mortgages, rent, utilities, insurance or anything else. So when Medicaid picks up the tab, the house goes dark and cold.
thanks Pam, yes she is on title 19 . and as payee I was doing that payment.
But as far as I can see she still pays for Med D prescription plan premium. She is going to lose her 'extra help' qualification because she makes too much SS now that dad passed away.....
Hmm... She wouldnt be able to if she didnt have that pension though...
huh, I wonder who i should ask about that.
Your Dad's pension may stop, unless it had survivor's benefits. Has the company paying the pension been notified? Some pensions have a death benefit payout.
yep I did all that, this pension is separate and continues for her.... it was all a heck of a lot of work for me in june to deal with and mourn and deal with sister's fraud.
Mom lost her SS, then gained dad's because they had been married 30yr.

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