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How do you figure out where to find housing for parents. There are simply too many people here at our house and we get in each others faces. I have nine kids and they are still young enough that all but one is still at home. I don't know where to begin in many ways and I do not think they are up to independence entirely. THey are my husbands parents and even he does not seem to understand what is needed and certainly has not helped in the process. Ugh. I am just tired and I guess I am not accustomed to their lying and manipulation and have enough to deal with the kids that my patience runs out. Husband's brother and sister and he do not get along so there goes that help. I may make contact for his parents sake with the sibs but it is all a bit overwhelming. Which way to turn first. Probably not enough background to sort through it all either.

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Hi mom29, start w area on aging agency. They can tell you how to check ratings on facilities and assist you w figuring out the level of care they need. Based on your prior posts, probably a Sr independent living, w some hired in help for housekeeping, changing sheets etc. Next level up is Asst Living care, little more help-dressing, grooming, med reminders. U can find lots of info on this site, an also a directly of advertisers for various levels of care. Facilities closer to u make it easier for SON to check on them, n visit more often(!). Kimbee

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