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I just wanted to let all North Carolinian Caregivers know about the NC Bar Association Foundations annual Statewide 'Ask A Lawyer Day' Friday March 4, 7am to 7pm,
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The numbers to call to speak with an Attorney for free in North
Carolina on March 4th 7 am to 7 pm are:

Raleigh/Triangle: 800-424-9725

Greensboro/Triad: 877-391-6179

Greenville/Eastern NC: 888-616-0614

Charlotte: 866-616-4255

Wilmimgton/EasternNC: 888-442-3428

Asheville/Western NC: 800-455-4255

Spanish Call Center 8:30 am to 5:30 pm: 855-455-4255
As someone who works with seniors in NC, I just wanted to vouch for this program. It's a really great thing that the Bar Association does every year.

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