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Looks like the first new discussion I posted was lost...being new here anything is possible for me....or was deleted. I'm not angry...just puzzled. The Subject was about recipes. Yeah, am looking for easy recipes that would benefit myself and the person I take care of...so ? Is that not considered caregiving related?

And is it polite to visit other peoples walls as in" wall to wall" without an invitation? Just need some general knowledge of how things work . I don't want to do something that is considered rude. I have to laugh because I really feel "new" here just wish I had the body to go with it. Ha ha. Oh, something funny, I didn't edit how I wanted to recieve email notifications so I had a ton of email notifications yesterday! With many interruptions that caregiving brings I'm not surprized at all the confusion I brought about. I, I, I, enough of my drama.Any assistance you might offer is greatly appreciated. I thank all of you for being here.



The link below will take you to our community FAQs and explain everything you need to a part of our AgingCare.com community.


Welcome to AgingCare.com!
A really quick way to find out if what you posted is still around is to click on "My Profile" and then the "Activity" tab. You'll see your "Caregivers Recipes" post right away.
Welcome inservice - I was pretty puzzled at first too. It takes a while but you will catch on. There is a box below the comment "box"to click if you don't want email notifications. Otherwise just roam around and get to know the site. I visit people's wall and leave a hug or a message if I feel like it. As far as I know it has not offended anyone yet. ;)
Thank you both for your kind help. Nice to meet you!

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