Elderly mother struggles to find right words.

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sounds like she has alz . dementia .
ask your doctor and maybe he could tell you .
my stepmom would have a hard time to get the word out , she had alz ..
We noticed this in my Mother a while ago and asked her to please go to the doctor. She was aware that she was having trouble finding words, or using the wrong words, as well as difficulty with some daily tasks. Her doctor saw the difficulties she was having and referred us to a neurologist, who diagnosed her with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA). This sign of language diffuculty could be one of many associated with several types of dementia, so you are really better off taking her to a doctor or a neurologist to get a better idea of what type of a problem you are dealing with.
batb37, only a doctor will know based on medical tests. Hope she agrees to see her doctor, or whenever her next visit is scheduled may be a good time to join her or call ahead to speak with the doctor or nurse.
PPA that's what my mom has. sad and it marches on with the dementia.

My heart goes out to you all. talk to her now and ask your questions now, shoot some video tape now.

Keep coming back to this site, it will really help. Blessings.


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