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I found out after taking over my mother's finances that someone has fraudulently used her personal info to obtain credit. What do I do next, there are creditors phoning and she doesn't have the resources to pay these high balances on the credit cards. What is my next step?


She is not responsible. Talk to the financial institution and the dd company. There are forms to fill out, but once you get through the mess, it should be straightened out. This person needs to be prosecuted.
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Good luck with the prosecution part. I have very little faith in the justice system right now. If you read my past posts, you will see. My dad had the same person I was talking about, use his credit cards too, and send him up to $128,000.00 in fraudulent checks. He lost his house that was paid for, and most of the money he worked all of his life to save for. This person also used his personal information, tax returns, SS#, for their own personal gain. And this person was a licensed insurance agent, selling annuities. This person collected a commission each and every time they talked him into moving his annuities, all the while he was suffering penalties. This person talked him into taking out a loan on his home that was paid for. He lost around $700.000.00, because of this person. There was an arrest warrant issued for this person, and now the DA wants to drop criminal charges against this person, because my father passed away. His life meant nothing? I am sickened by this.
Dear gabrielle8, Do everything in your power to protect your senior parent, and don't let it get further out of control. You should get conservatorship, if you don't already have it, so this does not happen again. I wish you all the best. I pray for your strength to do what is right for your Mom. It is such a battle. Take care of yourself too.
Nauseated, geezus is there no one out there that will help us in our plights...seems like the government works against us in so many posts. I have seen there is no help in so many cases, and it doesn't help when our failing parents don't want our help, don't trust our help, or do things we don't even know that they did by outside factors. I am getting leary of even homecare workers!
I really don't get it at all. But, I am not going to give up. I will fight for my Dad, just like I promised him I would. Not only just him, I want to make sure this person cannot do this to another senior citizen ever again. I'm getting an attorney, and going to file a civil suit against this person. Somehow, someway, I will make sure my father is honored. The things that are allowed to take place in this country, makes me ashamed to be an American.
Similar bad things happened to my then 87 yr old FIL. He was defrauded out of his home by a mortgage taken out by a 38 yr old "girlfriend," who was "going to care for him for the rest of his life." Care for his $$$, that is. We found out who and went to State Police. They located her, but since he has dementia, and cannot testify, they dropped it. That's after the bank refused to cooperate, even with a search warrant, etc. We were heartsick, but can't fight the system. The woman will pay...eventually, if not in this life, then the next. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. And Dad had the shortcomings to reap the consequences. My husband just chalked it up to that. We got there too late to help, because the bank knew how to cover their tracks, and the trail was too cold otherwise. How sad.

Nauseated, my prayers to you. Don't lose hope; not all Americans are bad. And Piratess, keep from becoming too disillusioned. We have all seen terrible situations, be still can hope for a silver lining. Gabriella, Dave Ramsey has advice for your situation, if you Google his site. He has specifics for dealing with credit card companies and lots of experience. Praying that helps. Take care, everyone.
Sis, I know your dad could not testify, but in my dad's case, they videotaped 5 hours worth of questions, and answers. And I was told that the district attorney would not require his testimony, that the insurance investigator would testify on his behalf. It's too bad what happened to your FIL, this should never be allowed to happen to anyone. I know not all americans are bad, but you know what would happen in Saudi Arabia, if someone was caught stealing.
Disillusionment is good,...the squeaky wheel gets the grease, if we just shut up and don't complain nothing will get done or looked into. We need to keep dispelling what is going on, then many of us could group together and fight what is wrong!
Piratess, I love your idea of grouping together and fighting what is wrong with the system. I will find a way, somehow. I know, that I must do something, instead of standing by.
My situation just keeps getting worse. I filed an initial Guardian/Conservator report in May. And since my dad passed, I must file a final report, even though everything was in a Living Trust, I still have to go through the motions. Some bad advice, from a Social Worker, who advised me that I had to file for Guardianship, even though I had a living trust set up for this purpose. Otherwise, before that the social worker had said, if he wanted to leave my house, he could just walk out if he wanted to, which he did once, and I had to have the local police track him down, for his own safety. I was told by a lawyer just the other day, that I didn't have to go through any of those motions, since I was the attorney/agent appointed in the living trust, and sole beneficiary. Now, since it was started in March, I have to go through all the motions again, and finish it.

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