Mother Sleeping More & More. Is this normal?

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My 88 year old mother with Alzheimers has been living with us for 6 weeks now after being in a nursing home for 2 years. I was not able to see her day to day activity level when she was there but in the 6 weeks here she is sleeping increasingly more and I am wondering if this is part of the normal progression. I had started to feel guilty letting her sleep so much but we are now seeing that she gets cranky and more symptomatic and even less independant in her thinking if she doesnt get all that sleep. I am wondering if this is normal to see and if I should just let nature take it's course.


Why in the world did you take her out of the nursing home?
If the nursing home was not near you it would have been better to move her to one closer to yoy. If she is on medacaide she should be able to get home care and if she was self pay when she was in the nursing home she should be able to pay for help in your home esp. at night if she does not sleep at night due to sleeping much of the day. If she has money it should go for her care now when she needs it to help you cope with her care 24/7. Many of us would like to be in that position and now is the time to do it.
Hi Annie, None of the above have answered your question. Yes, sleeping more and more is part of the end stages of Alzheimer's. Contacting Hospice would be a great idea because they have much experience with such patients. Has the doctor or nursing home given an evaluation as to what stage she's in? This information gives much guidance as to what to do. At earlier stages, keeping the loved one active during the day may help the night time sleep problem.
Good luck. And the book 'Creating Moments of Joy', may help. the title is all you need to know about the book. The title should be the goal of all care givers.
My Mother is almost 90 and just got diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She currently lives in an Assisted Living Facility and I've noticed that she sleeps more and more also. I think part of her problem is that she doesn't sleep very well at night. She gets her days & nights mixed up and in addition to her two naps during the day, she wants to doze off after dinner as well. I have observed what you have about her temperament if she does stay awake. I've tried to get her involved in the few activities at her place that she could do, but the interest just isn't there anymore. She would much rather sleep. No solutions in this e-mail, but I wanted you to know that I feel for you and appreciate you posing this question.

my dad is 86 yrs old , he too sleeps alot . (dementia)stays awake for a bit to watch tv then goes off to sleeping . its peaceful for him and its peaceful for me . tryin to keep him awake is like handling a newborn cryin all thetime . he whines and moans and gibberishin .
by all means if he s happy sleeping and then so am i . at night time when he cant sleep i play his music all night long , pasty cline . one of his fav , he sings along with her and i go to sleep .
dad hated nursing home . they make him do things he dont enjoy doing and make him sit in wheelchair and he is not comferatble and it hurts his back . he rather be at home in peace and sleep in his fav recliner or in his bed . let him be ...
it upset me to see him in rehab sittin in wheelchair cryin begging nurses to put him in bed . they all told him no .
ive decided that he was in there long enuff and he wasnt getting any better there . he s happy to be home with his family surounding ... and so am i cuz i see him any secs any time . instead of me sittin at home and wondering if dad s ok at rehab .
nah they wanna be at home and be left alone to sleep and get the lovin care from families . so anne3857 you are doing a fine job ,,,,
I agree with linda09, annie3857 great Job!!! It's a Beautiful thing to be able to bring your loved one home if you can. Mom is 88 years old and she says and seems more comfortable in bed. While in the nursing home I found her in certain conditions that tore me up inside, so my goal was completely focused on bring her home, she came home on December 27th and she's been happy ever since. She sleeps no matter where I put her, so again since she's more comfortable in bed, that's where she is most of the time, I just turn her every two hours or so to prevent bed sores. She also cannot do anything for her self, but she still has her shiny disposition and we as a family Love and appreciate IT!
I knew two people with Alzheimer's who did sleep a lot. I currently have a 94 yr old relative who does NOT have Alzheimer's or any neurological impairment. She sleeps fine at night but falls asleep watching TV during the day. She asks why she sleeps so much and I said it's because she's in her 90's and that it what 90 yr old's do ??? (But I fall asleep watching TV, and I'm only 57). The relative is slightly anemic and as of a yr or so ago, her kidneys have started to fail a little. All she takes for this is a multi vitamin with iron. The biggest problem in sleeping so often is the person thinking it is the next day and they take their medication a second time that day. However, we don't have this problem because my relative understands that if she is in her chair, and she is dressed, it's the same day. A person with dementia, would not understand or remember this.
Sleeping a lot seems to be common. My father was 92 years old and probably slept 18 hours a day. He kept his bedroom dark like a cave and would move from bedroom to sleeping in his recliner separated by eating times and some "uptime". That was what suited his system and he slept well at night too.
My mother is 92 and she is sleeping longer and later. She doesn't go to bed until 11:00pm or so but sleeps until noon or 1:00 somedays. Then she eats her breakfast and falls back to sleep in her recliner. She doesn't have a dementia or Alzheimer's diagnosis. But her heart isn't able to pump forcefully and this causes a lack of oxygen to the brain. I'm guessing this is why she sleeps so much.
I've noticed the same thing in my own mother, who's almost 81, relatively young. She's relatively sound of mind, but does tend to sleep during the day; every few days she sometimes slips into a deep sleep that makes her look almost dead. She does not wish to get up so I just leave her be.
You're probably doing the right thing to have your mother home even if she is sleeping. Are you able to leave her at times? Does she seem okay otherwise, no pain or other ailments? It might help if she could be propped up.
Don't feel bad, you're doing what works for you.

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